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About advantage of pumpkin sunflower seeds

The Japanese nutritionist J. Osava put pumpkin sunflower seeds on the first place in the table of useful products. Sunflower seeds of round pumpkin, instead of that are especially valuable that reminds a melon.

Than these sunflower seeds are useful? 
They contain about 36-52% of fats (without cholesterol), gum, organic acids, vitamins E, And, it is a little vitamins D and To and weight micro and macrocells. Zinc and iron presence is especially appreciated in them, but there is also a magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, the squirrel is a lot of.

* Because of availability of zinc sunflower seeds of pumpkin got special glory, they take the 2nd place after oysters. And zinc is necessary for men in 6-8 times more, than to women.

* B youth to boys especially is annoyed by eels, fat seborrhea of hair, dandruff. To get rid of these misfortunes it is possible to eat, for example, only after reception of the increased doses of zinc of pumpkin sunflower seeds.

* B to traditional medicine is used by pumpkin seeds in the form of broths, emulsions and powder. 

Gruel is especially useful to children. For this purpose sunflower seeds should be pounded with water or milk, or in a mixer, to add honey, fruit juice to taste and to give to children as a prophylactic from parasites on an empty stomach - 2 portions in half an hour.

* Gruel from seeds treat dermatitis, skin wounds, burns.

* Pumpkin sunflower seeds - laxative and diuretic; strengthen a cardiac muscle; eliminate gas generation in a stomach and intestines; strengthen kidneys; promote growth of hair; bring out of an organism lead, cadmium.

* At diseases of kidneys and a bladder. 

-  On 1 glass of sunflower seeds of pumpkin and a hempy seed to pound in pottery, gradually adding 3 glasses of boiled water, to filter, wring out the rest. 

- To make the dried seeds of pumpkin crushed in a coffee grinder, as tea - 1 teaspoon of seeds on a boiled water glass.

Pumpkin sunflower seeds are especially valuable in children's practice as, using them, it is possible not to be afraid of overdose. Seeds of pumpkin are completely harmless, however at bad shipping it is better for some people to limit a single dose of fried sunflower seeds to 9 grams.


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