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Advantage of germinated seeds

Many germinated seeds possess surprising curative properties. We will consider.

• Wheat sprouts

The substances containing in it, strengthen immunity and supply us with energy, clear a liver, kidneys, a bladder, intestines; help to remove hypostases, to heal wounds and ulcers; improve a condition of skin and a hair.
Sprouts of wheat clear our organism of long-term "blockages", however for this purpose it is required to use them not less than a year. Rather fast changes happen to hair: they look better, than after the use of expensive shampoos and masks.
Sprouts of wheat provide prevention of caries, oncological diseases, raise an organism tone, calm nerves and improve a dream.

Oats sprouts

Sprouts of oats are very effective at many serious problems with health: tuberculosis, diseases of kidneys, liver and gall bladder, hepatitises, diseases of a thyroid gland. With their help it is possible to be restored quicker after injuries and a long illness: they restore immunity, strengthen muscles, normalize stomach and intestines work and update composition of blood. The last property is very effective for prevention of formation of blood clots and development of such dangerous disease, as thrombosis.

• Germinated beans

Germinated beans possess diuretic, anti-inflammatory and knitting action, promote healing of wounds, improve a condition of skin and complexion; germinated peas are useful to those who wants to get rid of excess weight – in it few calories, but it sates well.
Usually couch so-called mutton peas in which there are a lot of vitamins A, With, groups B; there is a manganese, silicon, iron, pine forest, potassium and calcium; it is a lot of cellulose, carbohydrates, high-quality proteins and amino acids.

• Barley sprouts

Barley sprouts are very valuable – they increase endurance of an organism and bring acid-base balance into norm. Their curative properties are explained by activity of B12, K and C vitamins containing in them, pro-vitamin A, zinc, copper, manganese, iron.

• Germinated rye

The germinated rye helps an organism to resist actively to microbes and viruses, improves phlegm removal at respiratory diseases, normalizes level of glucose in blood, removes poisons and radionuclides, prevents development of atherosclerosis and early aging.

• Pumpkin sprouts

To men, especially after 40 years, pumpkin sprouts as they are rich with zinc are very useful, and help to keep prostate gland health. They also have beneficial impact on work of a brain, urinogenital system, supply an organism with high-quality fats and proteins, vitamins – With, E, groups B; minerals – iron, phosphorus, magnesium, cobalt, copper.

• Lentil sprouts

Lentil contains a lot of high-quality protein, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, copper; vitamins F, E and groups B. In its sprouts it is more than vitamin C, than in any other products as in the course of germination of seeds its contents sharply increases – by 600 times.
Sprouts of lentil are especially useful to adults and the children having anemia and inclined to frequent bleedings, colds, bronchitis, quinsies and pneumonia.

• Thistle sprouts

The thistle is known as the plant restoring and recovering cells of a liver. Its sprouts contain flavonoids – very active agents protecting our cages; microcells, basic of which are selenium and zinc; vitamins A, E, F, K, D. Their use improves process of education and bile removal, protects a liver from toxins and infections. Sprouts of a thistle help with treatment of many diseases of a liver – both sharp, and chronic; at an allergy, colitis, hemorrhoids; reduce an inflammation in a gall bladder and a spleen, help to dissolve and remove stones.


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