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Bananas - many diseases medicine

Some small bananas wonderfully restore forces after heavy day of work, lighten mood and even provide a deep and quiet sleep. 

Bananas contain the most important vitamins of group B, E, micro and macrocells, cellulose. And the vitamin C containing in one small banana, quite suffices to receive a day portion.

* Potassium – for heart and vessels

Bananas can be ranked safely and as leaders by amount of potassium which plays huge role in continuous work of heart, feeding and strengthening a cardiac muscle – a myocardium, and still supports a tone and elasticity of vessels, saving the person from dangerous pressure jumps.

* Cellulose – for intestines

Perfectly banana and that who wasn't really lucky with intestines helps: a large amount of cellulose not only works as soft laxative, but also acts as the peculiar "whisk" clearing walls of intestines of any stuff.

* Serotonin – for good mood

If the melancholy attacked, haunt and deprive of a dream everyday problems – you don't hurry in a drugstore behind energizers, and walk on fruit ranks of the nearest market or a supermarket. There for certain there will be a small cluster of bananas – ripe, in small brown specks. 1-2 bananas a day – and melancholy as didn't happen.

* Bananas for kids

The African and Arab mothers very long time ago noticed that their kids sleep peacefully all night long if before going to bed to give them a little banana mashed potatoes with milk – chest or usual. It is all about the same to the serotonena which soothingly and weakening affects children's nervous system, improving quality of a dream.

* Hypostases

Banana tea – excellent medicine from the hypostases arising because of heart troubles, kidneys and vessels: it is simple to make the banana crushed to mashed potatoes in a big cup and to drink, taking a sip gradually that by the end of day all drink was drunk.

* Burns and skin inflammations

To peel the banana washed up in hot water, to put a peel to a burn or the inflamed place inside where fibrous and not so tasty threads are visible, and to eat pulp – surely with pleasure that the effect was more noticeable. To hold such mask minutes 20, and then it is simple to throw out.

* Anemia

Quickly to get rid of anemia, it is necessary to eat bananas – at least a couple in day.

* Hypoglycemia

Sharp falling of level of sugar in blood or constantly its low level – an occasion is bananas. The sweet banana pulp instantly improves a state and gives to cheerfulness.

* Exhaustion

The special advantage to the become thin and weakened people is brought by dried bananas: they are extraordinary high-calorie, are easily and completely acquired, and therefore quickly put on feet after serious illnesses and malnutrition.

* Banana from a hangover

Gathering for a friendly sit-round gathering, reasonably stock up with a couple of bananas and a milk glass: having shaken up them together a mixer, you receive next morning fine cocktail which will very quickly put you on feet and will encourage.

* Locks

This delicate problem is quite successfully solved if to regale every day on one-two bananas: they softly are a purgative, improve a vermicular movement of intestines and do departure of natural needs easy and regular.

Bananas are useful also to at whom locks it isn't observed: prevention – a great cause.

* Banana cosmetologist

Pulp of banana and fibrous part of "wrong side" of its peel – the excellent means toning and nourishing skin. Expensive creams on a pocket not to each woman, and the cluster of bananas is both a dessert, and an effective cosmetic mask for different types of skin.

Mask for fat, pimpled skin
To crush manually or a blender one ripe banana, at desire to add in mix of a little salicylic alcohol and to put on the cleaned face for 30 minutes. This mask will adjust fat content of skin and will remove an inflammation.

Eat bananas are a tasty medicine!


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