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We take a bath. What it is possible to add?

1. Sea salt. Possesses rejuvenating effect, helps to get rid of cellulitis, reduces perspiration, increases elasticity of skin and strengthens nails. To prepare weakening bathtub, place a salt sack under a stream of hot water. Try to take salt baths not more often than 2 times a week.

2. Soda. Soda bathtubs – an excellent way to grow thin and be restored after the unlucky working day. That your skin became soft and silky, add 200 g of baking soda in a hot bathtub and lie in it within 20 minutes.

3. Epsom salt. In it there is a sulfate of magnesium which promotes a relaxation of muscles and takes off fatigue. Epsom salt is also useful to dry or problem skin. She acts as natural antiseptics and helps skin to absorb moisture. Add 2 bowls of Epsom salt in hot water and lie in it within 20 minutes. After a weakening bathtub surely take a cool shower.

4. Milk. In it there is a large amount of useful vitamins which increase elasticity of skin and possess rejuvenating effect. To make weakening bathtub, in hot water add 1 liter of warm milk.

5. Lavender. You can lower the tea bag filled with dry flowers of a lavender in a bathtub, or add some drops of oil of a lavender. Such fragrant bathtub will help to get rid of a headache and inflammations on skin.

6. Essential oils. The bathtub with essential oil of a lemon or tangerine will help to restore forces after the unlucky working day. Add 7-9 drops of oil in hot water and sit in it within 15-20 minutes. For a full relaxation after a bathtub be wrapped in a warm plaid.

7. Medical. Perfectly humidifies and softens skin. Besides, honey perfectly looks after feet, tightens cracks on heels and does them soft. To make a useful honey bathtub, dilute two spoons of honey in a glass with warm water and add sweet solution in a bathtub. That skin wasn't sticky, take a warm shower.


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