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Briefly about vitamins

Many publications exist how it is important to receive the correct doses of these or those vitamins. And in what products these vitamins to contain? We also will consider it!

A - carrots, a citrus, butter, cheese, eggs.
D - milk, eggs, cod liver, fat grades of fish.
Е - corn, sunflower, olive oils; peas.
К - green deciduous vegetables, spinach, grain from integral grain.
B1 - pork, oats, nuts (filbert).
B2 - chop off wheat, soybeans, broccoli cabbage a liver, an egg yolk, cheese.
PP - green vegetables, nuts, grain from integral grain, yeast, meat, including chicken, a liver, fish, milk, cheese.
B5 - yeast, bean, mushrooms, rice, a liver, a meat offal.
B6 - green deciduous vegetables, meat, a liver, fish, milk, eggs.
B9 - nuts, green deciduous vegetables, beans, bananas, oranges, eggs, a meat offal.
B12 - yeast, seaweed, a liver, caviar, eggs, cheese, milk, cottage cheese, meat, fish.
Н - an egg yolk, a liver.
Beta Carotene - carrots, parsley, spinach, spring greens, a melon, tomatoes, an asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, apricots.


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