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Councils to young parents

These councils can be trusted. They will be useful to you and your kids.

1. Use reasonably children's cosmetics.

If to the child there were 3 months and he has no intertrigo and the diathesis, no special cosmetics is necessary - enough daily bathing and air bathtubs. You don't bring on a children's thin skin too much children's oil or cream and don't pack the kid right after this in a diaper - let's structure be absorbed that means didn't hammer a time in a diaper.

2. Don't lift on a ladder a carriage together with the child!

It is unsafe both for you, and for the child.  Let the baby will stay dressed houses while you bear a carriage down or up better a little.  Only put the kid so that couldn't fall or roll down on a floor even if it seems to you that he still it isn't able. 

3. Don't salt "by eye"!

On the first year it is important to create the correct perception of salty taste.  Not to do without salt - it is necessary for regulation of a water-salt exchange and production of gastric juice.  But its surplus is harmful - increases arterial pressure.  Add some salt to mashed potatoes and soup of 3 ml (1/2 teaspoons) salt solution.  For its preparation dissolve 25 grams of salt in 100 ml of water, boil 10 minutes on slow fire, add boiled water up to the initial volume, again you will boil and filter through 2 layers of a gauze. 

4. Don't allow the baby to sweat!

If you dress the child on weather, so overheating is excluded, but a shirt on it all wet, show the child to the pediatrician.  It can be a symptom of rickets which breaks nervous regulation of sweating. 

5. Don't put sugar in a water which give to drink to the kid!

First, it you won't achieve the objectives:  sweet drinks badly satisfy thirst.  Secondly, accustom the child to sweet taste on which at early age it is better not to focus attention, and then the child will indignantly refuse usual water.  Thirdly, overload the pancreas which is responsible for digestion of sugar, and you will increase chance of the child over time to ache with diabetes. 

6. You turn off the light in the room of the child.

The night-time lighting isn't too useful for children, especially the smallest.  Constant artificial light reduces level of a hormone of melatonin.  which regulates biorhythms of a dream and wakefulness of an infantile organism.  As a result internal clocks it is disturbed, the kid starts feeling worse, is capricious in the afternoon, badly fills up in the evening and often wakes up at night. 

7. Turn with a side sideways!

The flat nape not only doesn't decorate the baby, but also is badly reflected in its nervous system.  Because of deformation of a skull blood supply and brain formation that is fraught with a delay of psychomotor development can be broken. 

8. Nurse even if ached!

Many mummies, having fallen ill with cold, are afraid to give to the baby a breast in such state.  The probability of infection, of course, exists, but only not - viruses of cold and flu are transmitted through milk by an airborne way.  You feed the kid in a mask from the gauze put in 5-6 layers and change it several times during the day. 

9. Hang up toys higher!

The matter is that because of age features of a design of an eye children are born far-sighted (norm - to +3 dioptries). The child is younger, the less longitudinal size of an eyeball - at kids is it flat, instead of round, as at adults, from here and features of eye optics. At far-sightedness it is impossible to consider small subjects close is a direct way to squint!

10. Be not limited to jars!

Now on sale there are a lot of ready fruit and vegetable mashed potatoes, but you that would prefer: fruit from compote or their fresh? Indulge the child with the banana mashed by a spoon. And pediatricians consider as the most useful to the baby apples. The peeled apple grate on a glass or plastic grater (at contact with metal it is oxidized). Grated crude apples are not only a source of vitamins necessary for us and the vegetable fibers improving digestion. They suit kids with an unstable chair more.

11. Don't give in a small bottle some tea!

Even poorly made tea reduces digestion of iron and can lead to iron deficiency anemia.  The best drink for the child - boiled water without sugar. 

12. Cut off a marigold on science!

It is necessary to cut nails carefully, safe scissors with the rounded-off ends.  Nobody else in a family shouldn't to use them (if it incidentally occurred, boil).  The main thing - not to clean too much!  It is necessary to cut off a nail not to the thin skin, differently to the kid it will be sick.  In the first months it is better to do it while he sleeps, and in the second half of the year technology to cut nails changes.  Seat the baby on knees a back to itself, strong take his handle and, since an edge, cut off a nail on a big finger.  Other fingers of the child lay on index and bend down, everyone in turn cutting.  Cutting off a marigold on legs, carefully raise each finger. 

13. Don't refuse walk!

Fresh air is necessary to the kid.  Sometimes it seems to you that on the street it is too cold, though weather quite suitable to take out it on walk.  Doctors advise to refrain from it, if on the street temperature lower than-10 in the first month of life and lower than-15 in the next 11 months, and also at a strong wind (15-20 meters per second and more) or high humidity (over 85%). 

14. Air the nursery!

Many adults are afraid of drafts and try to protect with any ways from them the child. Stagnant air is much more dangerous to children's health! Through airing is vital in the apartment where the kid grows. Can blow it only in case it is insufficiently tempered. The more you will protect the baby from drafts, the more often he will catch a cold.


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