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If the child fell ill

If the child fell ill, for his fastest recovery adhere to several simple rules. 

1. To create positive mood, to calm the sick kid (to give favourite toys, to include the favourite animated film).

2. To limit excessive mobility of the child if it wasn't made yet by an illness.

3. Not to shout at the whimsical, ill child, not to abuse him.

4. Not to show uneasiness externally – to support confidence of recovery.

5. To try to put more often in a day the child to bed. For a healthy sleep it is important to air the room without child, and at an optimum temperature to leave a window leaf open even during a dream.

6. Not to allow bright light to get to eyes to the child.

7. To reduce noise from the TV and the street.

8. To put on natural, free, convenient clothes the child. To the child it shouldn't be cold in it.

9. Every day to change a bed.

10. Not to force the child is! Portions need to be reduced, but it is possible to offer a thicket.

11. To adhere to a diet. Under a ban sharp, fried, salty. Less to resolve the sweet.

12. To give a lot of liquid: water, compote, fruit drink, weak tea with a camomile, a lemon, crushed.

13. Drugs can be "given" at first to dolls in game, and then – to the child. During pricks to suggest the child to breathe or tell more often a rhyme to the nurse (you).

14. To surround the child with care, patience and love.

Recovery to all kids!


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