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Bars of muesli instead of sweets

Many adherents of a healthy lifestyle and the balanced food give the preference to such product as muesli. The history of muesli began in 1900 when the Swiss doctor of Maximilian Benner invented a product for a diet of medical foods of the patients. The original name of muesli received thanks to the German word mus that in a literal translation means "mashed potatoes".

The peak of popularity of muesli fell on 1960 when the product became demanded across all Europe. Presently muesli everything also are in demand. There is a large number of various types of muesli. Modern consumers prefer such look, as bars of muesli. The structure of bars of muesli doesn't differ from a classical type of a product.

Structure of bars of muesli

The main feature of bars of muesli is appearance or a form of release of a product. Structure of bars of muesli it will be obligatory to contain cereal cultures, and also fruit. Besides, in the course of preparation of bars of muesli other ingredients, for example chocolate or caramel can be used. It should be noted that the caloric content of bars of muesli can vary depending on composition of initial ingredients which use in the course of product preparation.

Advantage of bars of muesli

However, the average level of caloric content of bars of muesli makes about 416 Kcal which contain in 100 grams of a product. The advantage of bars of muesli is caused by structure of a product which is enriched with a large amount of vitamins, and also other biologically active connections. As a rule, for production of bars of muesli use oat flakes which are considered as an excellent source of the carbohydrates giving to a human body energy.

Besides, as a part of bars of muesli there are dried fruits, nuts, sunflower seeds and medical. Everything above the listed components contain simply enormous amount of various substances certainly useful to the little man in the structure. Producers advise unique advantage of bars of muesli to use in dietary and sports food.

Harm of bars of muesli

However, many doctors speak about that that as the product doesn't bring that benefit. Besides there are data on existence of harm of batnik of muesli for a human body. As a result of the last researches it was revealed that bars of muesli do harm much bigger than sweet aerated water. The main minus of bars of muesli in the big caloric content of a product.

Thus bars of muesli not for a long time sate an organism with energy. It turns out bars of muesli contain a large number of so-called "empty" or useless calories. Therefore you shouldn't be fond of high-calorific bars of muesli, especially to the people suffering from excess weight or in process of active growing thin.


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