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Breakfast from buckwheat

Very useful and nutritious breakfast from buckwheat!


Buckwheat - 1 glass;

Parsley chopped - to taste;

Cilantro chopped - to taste;

Celery stalk chopped - to taste;

Lemons - 1/2 pieces;

Oil olive - 2 tablespoons;

Sauce soy - to taste.

To wash out, fill in buckwheat with 2 glasses of boiled water, to salt, cover and cover a towel. In 45-60 minutes, buckwheat can be eaten, without having lost any nutrition value. It is better to make it for the night.
Necessary quantity of tired buckwheat in a portion plate to fill olive oil, with soy sauce, lemon juice or the chopped lemon and the chopped greens, to mix.
To give with the cut vegetables, such as paprika, carrots, pumpkin, a garden radish and green cocktail.

In total! It is ready!

And it is a little about advantage of buckwheat.

Buckwheat - the queen of grain and the best doctor! Microcells in buckwheat though take away: there is also an iron (promotes formation of red blood little bodies and is responsible for good complexion), and potassium (supports an optimum blood pressure), and calcium (your main ally in fight against caries, fragile nails and brittle bones), and magnesium (rescues from a depression and helps with fight against excess weight), and many other mineral substances. It an irreplaceable component of healthy food which is grown up without "chemistry". Grains of a buckwheat contain easily acquired proteins - to 16% (including irreplaceable amino acids); carbohydrates - to 30% and fats - to 3%, and as cellulose, apple, lemon, oxalic acids, group B, PP and P vitamins. Doctors appreciate buckwheat a large number routine. This substance condenses walls of blood vessels, stops bleedings, makes preventive and medical impact on veins, for example, at varicose expansion of veins and at hemorrhoids. In connecting fabrics of routines strengthens the smallest blood vessels. Therefore buckwheat cereal is extremely useful at various diseases of vessels, rheumatic diseases and arthritises. It improves blood circulation and strengthens immune system. Buckwheat cereal promotes removal from an organism of excess cholesterol (so, to fans of buckwheat don't threaten a senile sclerosis and heart troubles) and brings slags and ions of heavy metals that is especially actual for inhabitants of megalopolises and areas with unsuccessful ecology out of an organism. Nutritionists recommend to include buckwheat in the menu of patients with anemia, diabetes, obesity, this irreplaceable dish at diseases of nervous and cardiovascular systems, at deviations in liver work. Buckwheat is appreciated ability to maintain sight and brain blood circulation. Generally, not porridge, and the real natural drugstore, and time so - buckwheat easily drugs can use as an alternative. If you intend to be treated really by buckwheat, then buy not fried grain, and that that pale yellow color. However you remember that in order that buckwheat kept all the useful properties, she needs to be prepared correctly.


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