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Diet for healthy joints

The sense it is reduced to that the use of proteinaceous food leads to the autoimmune diseases, capable to cause inflammations and the processes destroying healthy fabrics (including joints).

The people adhering to a vegetarian diet suffer from inflammatory and degenerate diseases of joints much less often.

The main principle – data to a minimum of proteins in a food allowance. 

* Meat, fish, a bird, cottage cheese, eggs, and in particular dairy products have to be consumed in the scantiest quantities and as seldom as possible. 

* It is undesirable to eat tomatoes, a sorrel, spinach, sweet pepper, eggplants and hot spices.  These products contain substances which turn in an organism into the uric acid which is also very dangerous to joints. 

* Chocolate, coffee, cocoa can cause allergic reaction and consequently, to strengthen inflammatory process in a joint.

* "bone extracts" - so favourite many dishes on the basis of broths with meat on a stone are Especially harmful to joints! 

* the use of smoked and salty meat and fish, and also sausages Is inadmissible.

That is possible.

* the Most part of the proteins necessary for normal life support of an organism, is replaced with proteins of a phytogenesis (soy and other bean - haricot, peas, lentil which, however, too shouldn't be abused). 

* When cooking it is possible to replace milk with phytogenesis cream.

* the fat food Is useful to the joints having arthrosis or arthritis.  It is possible to use in food oil (creamy and vegetable), and also in a small amount fat sour cream or cream, or even fat. 

* the products containing potassium – carrots (grated with sour cream), baked potatoes with a peel Are useful (it is necessary to eat it separately from vegetables - so it is acquired much better), dried apricots, prunes, raisin, bananas, dried apricots and water-melons. 

* It is possible to use without restriction in food grain (bread, porridges, bran), the majority of vegetables (potatoes, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, pumpkin, onions, carrots, beet, a garden radish, a celery), nuts, water-melons, melons, berries and fruit.

Whether harmfully to limit consumption of proteins? In this case often cite as an example the Indian dancers who never use animal food and till the old age keep flexibility and symmetry.

The low-proteinaceous diet is effective in case of system diseases - polyarthritis and polyarthrosis when some joints are surprised at once.


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