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Drink water!

Not a secret that water – a life source for all live organisms on Earth, including for the person. This fact eloquently speaks about advantage of water. But there are also others, unusual, the reasons to drink water.

Water is necessary daily as without it work of all bodies and systems is broken. Besides, about 90% of chemical reactions in a human body proceed with water participation. But what else reasons compel us to drink water?

1. Water removes a stress
Water eliminates such symptoms of a stress, as a headache, tension of muscles, thinking deterioration, heartbeat, a breakdown.
The specified symptoms appear because the stress influences all systems of an organism. When the person drinks not enough water, symptoms of a stress amplify. Even insignificant dehydration of an organism leads to decrease in level of energy and deterioration of thought processes. At dehydration the quantity of "a stress hormone" also increases.

2. Water reduces weight
In 2010 research in which people with an excess weight aged from 55 till 75 years took part was conducted.
All participants divided into two groups. Participants of both groups received identical food, however, participants of the first group before each meal drank on two glasses of water. In 12 weeks it appeared that participants of the first group managed to dump 2 kg more, than to participants of the second group.
Scientists consider that water gives some feeling of saturation and allows to eat less.

3. Water doesn't allow to ache
The first line of protection on a way of viruses and bacteria are mucous membranes. If mucous membranes dry, pathogenic microorganisms easily break a protective barrier, get into a human body and cause various diseases. In order that mucous membranes were damp, it is necessary to drink water enough.
It is especially important to observe this rule in the closed rooms, for example aboard when within several hours people are in the closed space and inhale air which contains various microorganisms.

4. Water controls body temperature
In cold day water helps to be warmed, and in hot – to be cooled. The system of thermal control of our organism is under hypothalamus control. She continuously receives signals which allow it to maintain constant body temperature. In hot weather body temperature is maintained due to sweating, in cold – at the expense of a shiver.
However these mechanisms work effectively only if in an organism water enough arrives. 

5. Water regulates arterial pressure
It is known that many people after a blood capture from a vein faint that is caused by decrease in arterial pressure.
In 2010 it was established: if donors before a capture of blood drink two glasses of water, the frequency of loss of consciousness after procedure decreases by 20%.


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