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Entertainment from fat

At the moderate use fat very useful product. 

It contains fat-soluble vitamins - A, D and E, and also the predecessor of vitamin A - carotene; selenium in a digestible form. Fat promotes immunity improvement, thanks to that fats and cholesterol of fat participate in creation of cellular membranes of cages of immune system of the person.

One more useful property of lard - ability to bring the radioactive particles harmful to the person out of an organism. It is known that lard improves brain work.

This recipe is good that it isn't necessary to wait long for result, it is possible to treat with fat in 2 days.

It is required.
1 kilogram of lard, salt, garlic, seasonings (to taste).

* to divide the Piece of fat into 3 parts, to put in a bowl, densely to fill up with salt, to put a small press from above and to leave for 1 days at the room temperature. 

* In days it is possible to trade pieces places from top to down because they will give juice. 

* After days to wash out fat under flowing water, to dry napkins, to lard garlic slices, to sprinkle with pepper, a bay leaf, seasonings, to turn densely in a foil and to lay in a form for roasting. 

* to Put in the oven previously warmed to 180 degrees. To bake 40 minutes. To allow to cool down in an oven. 

* After cooling to take out and without developing to clean in the refrigerator before full cooling. 

Tax with mustard or a horse-radish. Real men will estimate!

Bon appetit!


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