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Fast and useful breakfast

The majority of women try to grow thin and lose weight, having refused bread. But actually bread from a flour of a rough grinding and integral grain can reduce risk of development of a cancer of a mammary gland at young women.

It was established as a result of seven years' research of 35000 women. According to researchers, at 350 patients the malignant tumor of a breast before a menopause developed. To prevent this disease, it is necessary to eat grain, muesli, bread from a flour of a rough grinding as they are rich with cellulose.

We prepare.

* From a rye round roll to take out pulp, to mix it with the shaken-up egg and grated cheese.

* to Fill a roll and to pour out from above egg, without having damaged a yolk.

* to Cover with a grain lid and to bake in an oven or a microwave of 5 minutes.

That's all! And it is beautiful, and it is useful!


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