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Hand as the size for a reference point of portions

Unmistakably to determine correct for an organism the size of portions of food, simply use own palm!

Two put palms = vegetables
Two put palms are and there will be a good portion of vegetables. It is possible to eat more – in crude vegetables many vitamins and fibers therefore they contain very few calories.

Fist = carbohydrates
All difficult and simple carbohydrates (bread, fruit, grain, rice, crackers and grain) have to be equal on volume to your fist. Remember that it is always more preferable to use from wholegrain products.

Proteins = palm
Animal protein (fish, meat, cottage cheese) or vegetable protein (bean, tofu, soy meat) have to take a place approximately as iPhone or other communicator handheld.

Thumb = fats
Fats are very important for a metabolism, however you shouldn't overeat them. Therefore the portion has to be approximately equal to a thumb. Good sources of fats – olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds.


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