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How to freeze fruit correctly?

For each product there is the technology of a freezing.

Berries (raspberry, currant, a gooseberry, cherry, wild strawberry and strawberry) should be washed, a few to dry and then to spread out to flat container. To put in the freezer and after a freezing to pour out in the container.

Fruit with stones (apricots, plums) before a freezing should be cut in half and to take out stones. Then to spread out to a tray and to freeze. After that as usual to pour into the container.
Fruit (pears, apples) of which usually do drying or jam, it is possible to prepare differently. To cut small slices without stones. A few to freeze on a plate, then to shift in ware and to fill in with sugar syrup from calculation: ¾ the sugar Art. on 1 Art. of water of room temperature. To close a cover and to put in the freezer.

The frozen wild strawberry
Berries of wild strawberry can be frozen in two ways.
1 . Large and the average sizes, the whole and dry wild strawberry freeze, having spread out on a tray in one layer and having sustained in freezing office before full freezing. Before freezing of berry it is possible to sugar.
2 . The wild strawberry can also be frozen and in banks in sugar syrup. The prepared berries stack in pure dry banks, fill in with sugar syrup (300 grams of sugar on 1 liter of water) and cool, then maintain in the freezer within 24 hours. Banks with the frozen wild strawberry densely close polyethylene covers and store in the freezer.

Sweet cherry and cherry freezing
Prepared (washed up, cleared of fruit stems and stones) berries pour sugar, pack into the small capacities covered by a polyethylene film and place in the freezer where temperature is maintained within-12...-18 °, and store at a temperature of -12 °.
In the same way it is possible to freeze berries of a gooseberry, a cornel, a guelder-rose, etc.

Raspberry freezing
Raspberry can be frozen both with sugar, and without it. Ripe berries display in the small capacities covered by a polyethylene film, layer-by-layer pour sugar, put at 3-4 o'clock in a cool place. Then capacities cover with covers or a film and place in a deep freeze. Raspberry defrosting in the course of storage isn't allowed.

The frozen currant
Currant berries (black, red, yellow, white) wash out, dry, fill in small capacities or on pallets and freeze. What froze in bulk, pour then in plastic bags and store in the freezer. Use as required.

Cranberry freezing
Cranberry - the most unpretentious for storage berry. It before frosts can be kept in city conditions on a balcony, and in rural - in the open air, having filled in with water. With approach of frosts water needs to be merged, and to berries to allow to freeze. The whole intact berries of a cranberry can and be kept without freezing till spring.


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