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These products will be able not only ideally to "fit" into your diet, but also will reduce risk of such diseases, as a cancer and diabetes. 

1.  Apricot
Advantage: Beta carotene of apricots prevents harmful effects of free radicals and protects eyes. The organism turns beta carotene into vitamin A which can reduce risk of a disease of some types of a cancer, for example, a cancer of skin. One apricot contains 17 calories and 0 fats. You can have a bite dried apricots, or eat couple of fresh apricots.

2.  Avocado
Advantage: Oleic acid and nonsaturated fats in avocado help to lower the general level of cholesterol and to raise level of lipoproteins of high density. One slice contains 81 calories and 8 grams of fats. Eat couple of slices of avocado instead of mayonnaise in salad.

3.  Raspberry
Advantage: Raspberry contains ellagovy acid which helps to stop growth of cancer cells. These berries also are literally impregnated with vitamin C. In a raspberry cup only 60 calories and 1 gram of fat.

4.  Musky melon
Advantage: Vitamin C (in half of a melon 117 mg contain. that exceeds day norm) twice and beta carotene – both elements are strong antioxidants. In half of a melon 853 mg of potassium contain. It is twice more, than in banana. Potassium helps to lower a blood pressure. In half of a melon 97 calories and 1 gram of fats contain.

5.  Cranberry juice
Advantage: Helps at bladder infections. The cup of juice contains 144 calories and 0 grams of fats. Drink without sugar addition.

6.  Tomato
Advantage:  Lycopene – one of the strongest carotinoids, operating as an antioxidant.  Researches showed, what even the tomato half in day can reduce risk of a disease of a cancer of a bladder, a stomach and a thick gut.  One tomato contains 26 calories and 0 fats. 

7.  Raisin
Advantage: Is a source of the iron helping blood to transfer oxygen. In half of a cup 218 calories and 0 fats contain. It is especially recommended to women in time "critical days".

8.  Fig
Advantage:  The remarkable source of potassium, contains the B6 vitamin responsible for production serotonine, raising your mood, cholesterol reducing level and preventing water keeping in an organism.  In one fruit contains from 37 to 48 calories and 0 fats. 

9.  Lemon, lime
Advantage:  Citrene and vitamin C help to prevent a cancer. The segment of a lemon contains 2 calories and 0 fats. 

10.  Onions
Advantage:  Quercetinum in onions – one of the strongest natural vegetable antioxidants.  According to researches, he helps to struggle with a cancer.  The cup of the chopped onions contains 61 calories. 

11.  Artichoke
Advantage:  these strange by sight vegetables contain preventing cancer an antioxidant.  In one average artichoke contains to 60 calories. 

12.  Ginger
Advantage: Ginger can help to reduce nausea, it also helps to dull pain at migraines and arthritis. The teaspoon of a fresh root of ginger contains only 1 calorie and any fats.

13.  Broccoli
Advantage:  In this vegetable there is a lot of indole-3-karbinola helping to prevent a cancer of a breast.  In broccoli also there is a lot of vitamin C and beta carotene.  One cup of broccoli contains 25 calories. 

14.  Vegetable marrow
Advantage:  The big content of vitamin C and beta carotene which can help with fight against an endometrialny cancer.  One cup of a product contains to 80 calories, 1 gram of fat. 

15.  Garlic
Advantage:  Compounds of sulfur impact to garlic its sharp relish, and also can lower cholesterol level, lower a blood pressure and reduce risk of a disease of a cancer of a stomach and a thick gut.  In a tooth of garlic of 4 calories. 

16.  Wheat sprouts
Advantage: the tablespoon of these grains contains 7% of day norm of the magnesium, helping to prevent spasms of muscles. Also it and remarkable source of vitamin E. In a spoon of sprouts of wheat only 27 calories.


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