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Rules of food

1. After the use of proteinaceous food (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, mushrooms) not to drink liquid (especially sweet). Because of it gastric juice, and it is diluted, in turn, complicates food digestion.

2. Don't eat together proteins and carbohydrates. For digestion the sour environment, and to carbohydrates - alkaline is necessary to proteins. The stomach can't switch over so quickly, and at the use in food both that, and another, the food isn't digested up to the end. The proteinaceous food can start rotting in a stomach, and carbohydrate will begin fermentation.

3. After the use of a significant amount of carbohydrate food it is impossible to eat during two - three hours. It is necessary to allow to food to be acquired.

4. Don't eat fruit after food. Fruit has to be or separate meal (the breakfast or having a snack is better), or they should be used at the beginning of meal.

5. Don't eat sweet after the main food, especially proteinaceous.


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