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Rules of healthy food

If you want to adjust the image life in the correct course, it is necessary to approach intelligently to the diet and a choice of food. Rules of healthy food to which you will conform, shouldn't allow you to refuse the chosen way for only some weeks of the next attempts.

The problem of stability and to following of rules of healthy food has special value – you have to change the way of life, instead of temporarily "goes" on a diet which will be only some weeks (see myths and the facts about diets) last.

Observance of the general rules of healthy food conducts to improvement of the general state of health and a physical form, gives a powerful impulse to metabolism increase therefore you will burn more fat and calories on a regular basis. However it is necessary to remember that healthy food represents only half-affairs. The healthy lifestyle also demands regular physical exercises.

So, the basic rules of healthy food include some strategy which will help to lift your fitness level and the general welfare on qualitatively new level: 

Rule No. 1: Focus on integral food
You have to become the great admirer of integral products and natural ingredients, in other words, to avoid products with high extent of processing. For example, instead of baking with jam for breakfast, make a choice for porridge with the fresh or frozen berries. The choice for the integral, raw products can clean ton of unnecessary fats, sugar and empty calories from your diet.

You also have to replace products from a white flour with wholegrain food, on how many it is possible.  Vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds – all this excellent option of integral food. 

Rule No. 2: Not to complicate
In addition to "integral products", their preparation is also important not to complicate the food and a way.  When you prepare, always choose the natural, minimum processed ingredients which aren't containing "difficult" chemical additives and preservatives. 

Simple food – the best choice.  Try to use the natural are blown food which will help to burn fat and products with the high content of cellulose, you steer clear of chemistry and a fast food.  Drink a lot of usual water. 

Rule No. 3: Eat often
Probably, you heard it earlier, but actually this rule of healthy food can't be underestimated!  One of the most important changes in a way of life which you have to realize – is in the small portions, but is frequent.  It will keep your metabolism at steadily high level, and you won't hunger the unpleasant. 

Rule No. 4: Listen to the organism
This rule of healthy food is critical.  Eat when you are hungry and stop when are already full – all these necessary measures for the balanced, healthy food.  One of methods allowing more fixedly to watch requirements of the organism – is more slowly.  Slow meal will give the chance to you to be more attentive to processes of absorption of food and organism reaction. 

Rule No. 5: Be not too strict to itself
One of the biggest obstacles in a way to growing thin or another fitness to success are unrealistic expectations. You have to be realistic and understand that is given nothing too quickly, and even the biggest tortures won't bring fast result. You don't descend from the chosen way and be in shape.


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