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Secrets of preparation of vegetables

1.  To peel potatoes and other root crops follows as it is possible is thinner as vitamins B them contain in the basic closer to a peel. 

2.  The cleared vegetables should be stored whole, instead of crushed. 

3.  The cleared vegetables can't be stored in water as all vitamins and minerals are lost in liquid long. 

4.  It is better to clear and knife the vegetables, made of stainless steel, differently other materials will quickly destroy vitamin C. 

5.  On crude vegetables which are ready to the use in the raw, for example, in salads, at once after cutting it is necessary to sprinkle a little vinegar to protect vitamin C from destruction by oxygen. 

6.  When cooking vegetables have to be covered with water no more, than on 1 centimeter, differently in a large amount of water they will lose useful properties. 

7.  Not to lose vitamin C, it is necessary to cook vegetables in the deep pan which has been densely covered.  Best of all corrosion-proof pans and the ware enameled will approach. 

8.  The vegetables steamed, almost completely keep the value. 

9.  The sorrel, spinach, green peas, haricot will keep green color if to put them already in boiling water and to cook under a cover on strong fire. 

10.  The pleasant crunch and cauliflower whiteness in a preparation time can be kept, having added in water a small amount of lemon juice. 

11 .  Start cooking the peeled potato in cold water, and salt only after water will start boiling. 

12 .  During potatoes frying on a frying pan in a small amount of fat in it 70 – 80% of vitamin C, and in hot fan – almost completely remain. 

13.  Potato "in a uniform" needs to be salted from the very beginning of cooking. 

14.  Haricot and peas need to be salted when they are almost ready. 

15.  In mashed potatoes it is necessary to add hot milk, differently from cold it will gain gray color. 

16.  That polished potatoes didn't blacken, to it add hot milk. 

17.  If the cut or polished carrots to fill with sour cream or oil, carotene which contains in it, it will be acquired by an organism for 60%.  If not to fill – it is no more than 6%. 

18.  If from cutting of onions tears flow – moisten a knife in cold water. 

19. The mushrooms intended for drying, it isn't recommended to wash out. Of pollution them clear a knife or wipe a rag.


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