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Separate food

Since ancient times and up to now the timely balanced food is pledge of long and healthy life for all live organisms.

Postulates of compatibility of food are put in Ancient Greek treatises. And the well-known Avicenna, watching patients, I noted and I described incompatible products. According to its doctrine, it is necessary to eat liquid and easy food which is quickly acquired, and then firmer which is digested much more long. Similar conclusions were drawn by scientists practically all countries of the ancient world: Tibet, China, Persia, India and Egypt. And in Europe this outlook began to appear after return of the expeditions investigating culture and customs of the different people.

The foundation of the modern theory of separate food was laid in 1928 by the American doctor Herbert Shelton. Throughout many tens years the principles of separate food were thought over and supplemented, attracting more and more followers of this diet worldwide among which there are many stars of the western and Russian show business. We will open to you highlights of this doctrine.

Separate food for growing thin: some simple rules

It is known that all products consist of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Our life and health depend on the correct order of their use. Founders of the theory of separate food for growing thin allocate the following basic principles.

First of all, it is necessary to support microflora of a digestive tract. After all still Avicenna noted that violation of balance conducts to accumulation in intestines of slags and poison gases which lead to frustration and diseases of all organism.

According to the theory of separate food for growing thin, it is necessary to exclude the simultaneous use with fats of proteins and carbohydrates. Starch-containing products (grain, potatoes, cereals) are well combined with any vegetables, greens and fats. However it is strictly forbidden to use them with squirrels who contain in meat, eggs, fish, mushrooms and dairy products. Proteins, in turn, also well approach to fats, vegetables and greens. Fats are best of all combined with other fats, the products containing starch, and greens.

Separately it is necessary to mention sweets and milk which can be used not earlier than for an hour before the main meal. Besides, milk needs to be warmed as cold it isn't digested an organism.

The necessary rule of the balanced diet of separate food is the daily use not less than 50 grams of any greens. Thanks to this rule the metabolism improves and intestines work is accelerated. Vegetables are forbidden to be eaten in combination with milk and fruit.

Fruit which can be divided on sweet, sour and semi-sour, it is possible to use in food in 40 minutes prior to or after food not to ferment process. On an equal basis with sweets and milk, they are an independent dish and can be combined only among themselves. Berries are ideally suited to nuts, cream and sour cream.

So all products share on groups within which they are completely compatible. Compatibility of products of separate food is determined by the special table.

What is the separate food? It is a diet?

Certainly, despite above-mentioned restrictions, the daily menu of separate food has to be various. The healthy person needs every day a certain norm of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, sweets and vegetable food. Founders of the theory of separate food advise to maintain between the use of incongruous products a pause not less than 3 hours. During this time the organism manages to emit enzymes, completely to digest food, to acquire useful substances and to exempt intestines from disintegration products. Thanks to such reception the food doesn't rot, and hydrochloric acid destroys all undesirable microbic processes. Below the approximate scheme of creation of the daily menu of separate food for growing thin is offered.

The menu of separate food for growing thin
1st day

For breakfast of 110 grams of the steamed beef and a curdled milk or kefir glass. For the second breakfast – 1 hard-boiled egg, coffee without sugar and small apple.

During the lunchtime: first course – meatless vegetable soup, on the second – boiled meat (beef) with boiled potatoes or greens, for a dessert – drink from dried fruits.

For a mid-morning snack of 1-2 small apples.

For dinner of 110 grams of boiled chicken without skin, 100 grams of green peas. At desire the food can be washed down with a curdled milk glass.
2nd day

For breakfast – hard-boiled egg, 200 milliliters of kefir.

For the second breakfast – a portion of the carrot souffle steamed, a cup of coffee without sugar and apple.

For dinner – vegetarian Russian cabbage soup with vegetable broth or a piece of fried fish in a flour with a potato garnish and a glass of green tea with honey.

For a mid-morning snack – some apples.

For dinner – boiled beef or chicken meat with a garnish from greens and a tea glass with milk to taste.

Before going to bed – a curdled milk or kefir half-glass.

Separate food - pros and cons

To be fair it is worth mentioning some reefs of the theory of separate food. In some cases to an organism simultaneous development and assimilation of hormones and the enzymes accompanying digestion of products forbidden to joint use are required. And, of course, not all can long sustain such rigid diet. Lack of habitual calories and continuous control of compatibility of products of separate food according to the table often gives beginners to grow thin on a diet of separate food to nervous breakdowns. But return to a former diet can lead to serious failures in an organism. Therefore before starting this experiment, it is necessary to consult to the doctor.


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