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We grow thin correctly

To grow thin - doesn't mean at all is nothing or is a little. It is important to choose correctly products, and to reconstruct the food completely, instead of to make experiments with diets. Here the main councils growing thin to which all authors of our site follow:

1) Refuse "fast carbohydrates". Exclude from the diet four main products:

- sugar;
- farinaceous food;
- potato;
- white polished fig.

It is meant sugar not only that put in tea, and in general all products containing sugar - cakes, candies, dried fruits. By the way, brown sugar - the same fast carbohydrates as white.

"Farinaceous food" is everything that contains a flour - bread, cakes, meat breaded, etc. White polished rice - the same fast carbohydrates as a semolina. Choose instead of it dark types of rice - raw. Potato, especially fried, growing thin is contraindicated.

2) If you want to grow thin, it is impossible to starve. The organism doesn't know for what you starve and to keep to you life, the pro-stock starts postponing fats. Don't give to your body a cause to stock up with fat - eat when are hungry, but choose low-calorie products.

3)  If you grow thin, your main product is vegetables.  They are low-calorie and rich with nutrients which help us to look and feel well. 

4) Don't try to grow thin quickly is it is impossible. Those people who managed to grow thin, spent for it months. Everything that quickly leaves, will come back as quickly. After all life comes to an end not tomorrow, you don't hurry.

5) Don't shake exercise machines. You will increase muscular weight, to be tired, even more to want to eat. The best sports for growing thin are a walking, the long quiet walks, not less than 4 km a day.

6) If you afford bread or macaroni (farinaceous food), they have to be only from a wholegrain flour. Wholegrain products are on sale in dietary departments of supermarkets and in many drugstores.

7) Don't refuse a breakfast. In the afternoon you still have time to spend excess calories, and here a dense dinner for night will precisely be postponed in the form of fat. Postpone dense food to morning hours, and by the evening try to eat as less as possible high-calorie products. If you afford cake or a chocolate slice, eat them in the morning, in the first half of day.

8) Instead of mayonnaise and sour cream fill salads with lemon juice and low-fat sauces.
9) If you break on junk fat food, for example, fried schnitzel breaded, blot it napkins that fat was absorbed. It will reduce caloric content.
10) Don't begin day with orange juice as it like to do in the Mexican series. Freshly squeezed juice is very useful, but fruit juice contains sugar which is instantly acquired. Drink vegetable juice, instead of fruit.
11) Drink a lot of water, not less than 4-5 glasses in day. Waters, instead of tea or coffee.
12) Regularly do massage.
13) You love life. Excess weight often only consequence of the wrong relation to life, your fears and uncertainty.


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