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Cystitis prevention

There are the excellent exercises strengthening muscles, for cystitis prevention. 

1. Alternate walking on toes and external edges of foot – is carried out minute.

2. We squat, we take away hands back and we do an exhalation, then we accept a starting position and we do a breath - we carry out 6-7 times.

3.  The exercises calculated on a relaxation and tension of muscles. 
To sit down on a floor, to bend feet in knees, to lean hands behind in a floor. We take a breath, thus, we cramp knees and we strain anus muscles. We part knees, we relax muscles of crotches and we do an exhalation.

4.  Exercise bicycle. 
We hold position, lying on a back. To carry out exercise 1-2 minutes.

5.  To occupy a prone position, to raise hands up, to make a deep breath, having slightly caved in. 
We do breast coverage by hands and we try to squeeze it - we do an exhalation. To carry out exercise of 6-7 times.

6.  To occupy a prone position, bending knees. 
Take a deep breath - turn a knee to the right. Do an exhalation. To carry out 4-6 times aside.

7. To occupy a prone position, bending knees.
Take a deep breath - lift a basin up. Do an exhalation. It is necessary to carry out 4-8 times.

8.  To occupy a prone position, the right hand with a bed on a breast, left on a stomach. 
Breast and stomach we raise hands, pressure of hands we lower a stomach and a breast. At cystitis it is necessary to do exercises of 6-7 times.

9.  To occupy a prone position – hands are raised up. 
We take a deep breath. To rise and reach position sitting, touching by fingers of socks and to make an exhalation. Exercise is carried out 3-8 times.

10.  To occupy a standing position, leaning on a chair back. 
To rise on toes and to make a deep breath. To sit down on hunkers, holding a back of a chair and to make an exhalation. This exercise is carried out 3-6 times.

11.  To occupy a standing position, to squeeze palms in a fist. 
On a breath we make turn of a trunk and hands to the right, and on an exhalation turn to the left. Exercise is done on 3-5 times in each party.

When performing all exercises, you for short term will get rid of symptoms of cystitis.


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