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Feet freeze. What can it mean and how to fight against it?

The cardiovascular system at men and women is arranged equally, but it functions differently. It is caused not only primary and secondary sexual signs, but also prevalence of different hormones: estrogen – female, an androgen – man's. Also character of a blood-groove is influenced by metabolism level, amount of fatty and muscular tissue. These factors also lead to that women freeze much more often than men. Most often feet suffer from cold.


The smaller mass of muscular fabric at women, in comparison with men, doesn't allow to develop necessary amount of heat. Even at minor change of air temperature, blood from integuments directs to an internal, for maintenance of reproductive function. At first toes and hands, then foot and a brush grow cold, not frequent feelings of cold extremities at women is a norm. Men react to temperature drops less sensitively and sometimes even them don't notice. But constantly freezing feet and hands testify to violations in work of blood system. Often such violations are eliminated with the healthy nutrition, easy self-massage, physical exercises and occupations by yoga.

The reason of cold feet can become and diseases: diabetes, hormonal violations, thyroid gland. Therefore if you often freeze, it is necessary to address for consultation to the doctor.


The lowered or raised blood pressure too can become the cold sense reason in hands and feet. The healthy person has to have a blood pressure within norm at rest and raise at physical activities. It should be noted that women more often than at men have lowered pressure as note scientific 59% against 43%. Frequent at women the lowered pressure becomes the reason of faints, the brain doesn't receive in addition enough of oxygen which contains in blood. But the lowered pressure has also pluses: as a rule, lack of heart diseases and longer life expectancy.

The hypertension or elevated pressure arises owing to "impassability" of vessels, passes are strongly narrowed and blood presses on walls of vessels more strongly. One of the reasons of emergence of a hypertension - cholesterol. This disease difficult is treated, but it is possible to prevent its emergence, having changed the way of life. It is worth beginning with food: the fatty acids containing in fish, reduce the content of cholesterol; fruit and vegetables - supply a body with the antioxidants, interfering obstruction of vessels. Combination of coffee and cigarettes very dangerously at a hypertension; caffeine and nicotine - strongly narrow vessels. And here alcohol, on the contrary, expands vessels, the glass of good red wine won't damage.

• Organism dehydration also can lead to unpleasant changes and affect pressure therefore it is necessary to drink not less than one and a half liters of water a day. In the summer - juice, and in the winter - green tea.

What to do?

The cold, stresses and overfatigue is the first against what it is necessary to fight. Try to put on on weather that it was warm, but it is easy. The cold or excessive heat will break organism thermal control. Valerian, mint and a melissa – broths of these herbs will help to relieve of a stress. Let's an organism time be restored, you sleep more and have a rest, not less than 8-9 hours per day.

It is necessary to include the products containing vitamins and mineral substance in a daily food allowance, strengthening and supporting vascular system.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) – contains in lemons, a kiwi, a dogrose, oranges, black currant. It regulates coagulability of blood, restoration of fabrics and synthesizes collagen.

Vitamin P (bioflavonoids) – in big to quantities contains in nuts and pumpkin seeds. Reception together with vitamin C interferes with oxidation of the last, together they effectively strengthen walls of capillaries. One more plus of vitamin P is reduction of emergence of bruises.

RR vitamin (nicotinic acid) – with it are rich: bread, eggs, liver, beef and grain. RR vitamin regulates a proteinaceous exchange and nervous activity.

• Chili pepper or burning red pepper – perfectly stimulates a blood-groove.
• The sprouted wheat grains, sunflower seeds, nuts and wholegrain bread are rich with vitamin E which strengthens walls of vessels.
Garlic can be used in any kind. It lowers level of cholesterol and prevents formation of blood clots.
Ginger is capable to normalize blood circulation. Add it in tea, at preparation of soups, stewed meat or fish.

You shouldn't forget and about physical activities if at you feet often freeze, you go more. Try to give daily not less than 30 minutes to occupation by yoga or fitness.

Three ways to be warmed

1. Physical exercises improve blood circulation. Only 10-15 minutes of incendiary dances under favourite music will warm you better than any blanket.

2. Grinding of feet and hands. As soon as you will feel that the cold comes, accurately start pounding cold places a terry towel. Before it it is possible to accept a warm tray.

3. Self-massage with use of oils excellently promotes expansion of vessels and stress removal.


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