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How it is correct to distinguish a stroke?

Doctors say that if they within 3 hours they are in time to the stroke victim, consequences of an attack can be eliminated. The trick consists in distinguishing and diagnosing a stroke and to start treatment at the first 3 o'clock – that, of course, not simply.

Distinguish a stroke: There are 4 steps to stroke recognition.

1) ask the person to smile (he won't be able to make it);
2) ask to tell a simple sentence, for example, "Today good weather" (it will be difficult to make it);
3) ask to raise both hands (won't be able or only will be able partially to lift);
4) ask to flick out tongue language (if language is bent, turned is too a sign);

If problems arise even with one of these tasks – you call the doctor and describe symptoms by phone.

One cardiologist told that, having dispatched this message to at least 10 addressees, it is possible to be sure that someone's life – maybe ours – will be rescued. We send every day so much "garbage" all over the world that can it is worth starting up just once on wires really something useful and necessary.


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