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How to endure heart attack alone?

17 сек.

Often occurs so that heart attack happens to people when they are all alone, and there is nobody it to help. If you suddenly feel that your heart began to fight "incorrectly" and you are close to an unconscious state, you have only about 10 seconds before you will faint.

Meanwhile, all victims of heart attacks could help to themselves. For this purpose it is necessary to start coughing – many times and with very big force. Each time before coughing, make a deep breath, cough has to be deep and long as though you spit out a phlegm deeply from a breast.

Breaths and cough have to repeat each 2 seconds without breaks and stops, up to arrival of medical care, or up to that moment while heart won't start fighting again in a normal rhythm.

The deep breath allows oxygen to get into lungs, and cough "squeezes" heart and force blood to circulate. This pressure upon heart also helps it to achieve the normal rhythm. Thus, victims of heart attacks receive an extra time on waiting for arrival of doctors or to reach to hospital. Tell about it as it is possible for bigger number of people. It can save their lives!

Cardiologists say that if each of us shared this information with 10 people, at least one life could be saved.


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