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Neck pain

A neck pain - the phenomenon thus known practically everyone is very unpleasant!  The best pain medicine - heat, the light massage, the facilitated physical exercises and prevention - individual exercises for a neck of 1-5 minutes in day, standing or sitting. 

1. Recipes from pain.

* to take 2 cabbage leaves, 1 to soap a laundry soap and to strew with baking soda, to cover with the second, to impose the pure party on a sore point and to wind with a woolen scarf for the night.

* to mix 4 teaspoons of butter with 1 teaspoon of the grass of a horsetail crushed in a coffee grinder field, to grease a sore point for the night, from above to impose paper or a film and a warm scarf.

* simple exercise Gradually helps to get rid of pain - invoicing by a nose in air of figures from 1 to 10 or phrases from 2-3 words, since the minimum amplitude, and further on mood and health.

* massaging by small pillows of forefingers of two points located on the back party of a neck in 5-6 centimeters on both sides from a backbone directly under the basis of a skull (about 3 centimeters behind an ear lobe) within 1-2 minutes Helps. 

2. Exercises (it is desirable at least once a day).

- Dynamic counteraction of a neck and palms of the hands put on a forehead, nape, whisky, chin and interfering a ducking respectively forward, back, in the parties and down for 5-15 seconds.
- Head turns as much as possible to the left and to the right slowly on 5 times.
- Slowly inclinations to the left and to the right, trying to put an ear on a shoulder on 5 times.
- 1 circle the head to the left then to the right on 5 times slowly.


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