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Organism clarification. Way of the Indian yogis

To your attention - important cleaning exercise, is very popular among admirers of the Indian yoga. 

It warns many diseases, stimulates activity of all bodies of a stomach and a small basin, eliminates developments of stagnation.  Its main movements - stomach retraction. 

People with a big weight can carry out too with success this exercise.  Even if it seems that the stomach remains motionless, reduction of internal muscles all the same will provide stimulation of an internal. 

Performance of this exercise normalizes a condition of digestive organs, helping active removal of waste, calms mentality, stimulates blood circulation in a stomach and a basin that facilitates a state at ulcers, gastritises, colitis, female diseases, hemorrhoids, prostatitis, diseases of a liver, kidneys, a gall bladder and a pancreas, a bladder. 

It is necessary to begin performance of this exercise only next the heart 2-3 times a day, for an hour before each meal. Regularly give to occupations for 3-5 minutes.

1.  Starting position - standing, having placed feet on width of shoulders. 

2. Now be bent and lean about knees. Thus fingers bend inside, and you hold a back of a straight line. For special stability of a foot slightly bend in knees.

3.  Then make an exhalation through a mouth, having slightly bent forward, and quickly come back to a starting position, having pulled in a stomach as it is possible more strongly.  In order to avoid cough, pulling in a stomach, lower on a breast a chin. 

4. Hold the breath after an exhalation and quickly relax a stomach.

5.  Then again pull in a stomach and at once release.  Continue it to do on the held breath until it will want to make a breath. 

6.  Inhale slowly.  Execute 2-3 deep breathes. 

7.  Try to execute exercise from 3 to 10 times.  Remember that it is impossible to be engaged in medical and cleaning procedures with a great effort.  In the absence of training many can make only couple of breaths and exhalations.  The Indian yogas carry out with ease of 150-200 retractions on each delay of breath. 

Attention! This exercise is forbidden at sharp inflammatory diseases of bodies of a stomach, internal bleedings, stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum.


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