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Protection against cold in a cold season

In a cold season at the person tendency to catarrhal diseases and various viruses increases.

Immunologists offer 3 ways as it is possible to support an organism during the autumn period. One of them - medicinal, two others concern food.

Way 1 - to accept adaptogens

There is a number of preparations which possess ability to increase resilience to infections. The simplest are vegetable preparations of group of adaptogens – a ginseng, echinacea and others.

Considering stimulating action of adaptogens, it is better to drink them in the morning and during the lunchtime.

Way 2 - to use spices

Spices and spices make irritating impact on a mucous membrane of a throat, a nose and a throat where it is concentrated most of all infections, and the organism directs immune cages exactly there.

It is possible to use any spices and spices – all of them to a greater or lesser extent stimulate immune system. However experts recommends a carnation. It is possible to chew the dried florets of a carnation, and it is possible to make in 150 ml 2 florets at 1,5-2 o'clock. Then this broth to rinse a throat.

Way 3 - isn't fried, to walk and sleep

For maintenance of the general vitality, first of all, pay attention to food. The main thing - to limit quantity of fried food.

At the use of fried dishes often there is a gastritis. As a result - the stomach doesn't cope with processing of food and comprehensibility of proteins which are extremely necessary for normal functioning of immune system decreases. Thus it is possible to use fat food in moderate quantities, and carbohydrates should be limited also in a diet.

Besides, walks in the fresh air and a full-fledged 8-9-hour dream are necessary to the person. The person slept, his brain, nervous system that allows an organism easier to adapt to environment changes has a rest.


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