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Simple recipes for a sore throat

The main thing - not to start a disease. Take measures in time!

1. To clear an onions head, to pass it through a meat grinder or to rub on a small grater and right there to wring out juice. To accept onions juice on 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day.

2. To rinse a throat warm solution of salt (1 teaspoon of salt on a water glass) every 3 hour, and to do up to 3 throats.

3.  To apply warming bandage or a compress a neck.  As solution for it can serve 1 teaspoon of vinegar divorced in 0,5 liters of water; the warmed-up vegetable oil; vodka; the alcohol diluted half silt simply warm water. 

Compress do so: having wound a neck humidified with one of solutions and the wrung-out fabric, over it to put a wax paper or cellophane, then a layer of cotton wool or a soft woolen scarf and to fix bandage or a kerchief. To hold a compress till 2 o'clock.

4. At beginning quinsy slow chewing of a crude lemon, especially its dried peel helps. After that within an hour it is necessary to eat nothing to give the chance to essential oils and lemon acid to influence the inflamed mucous membranes. To repeat every 3 hour.

5. Juice is fresher than the cabbage, divorced in half with water, to apply to rinsings of a throat of 5-6 times a day.

And, the main thing, you remember - at any cold the plentiful warm drink flavored with something sour (a lemon, a cranberry, cowberry) is obligatory.


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