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Sore throat

The sore throat, as a rule, associates with cold, but it can appear and at diseases of other bodies, and not just the top airways. Let's dwell upon each group of the reasons of emergence of a sore throat.

Infectious diseases
In most cases for a sore throat infectious diseases are responsible. Most often they have the virus nature: cold, flu, measles, chicken pox and others. Bacterial infections are less widespread, first of all, it is quinsy caused β-гемолитическим by a streptococcus of group A, and also scarlet fever and diphtheria. Quinsies which reason defeat by hlamidiya, gonokokky, is a tubercular stick or the causative agent of syphilis are seldom observed.

Also infrequently defeat of a mucous oral cavity by fungi is the reason of a sore throat: sorts Candida, or sorts Aspergillus and Penicillium. Mycoses of a throat are shown in the form of films of a curdled look easily separated from a mucous membrane. Their emergence can provoke treatment by antibiotics, cytostatics and corticosteroids. They also develop against such diseases, as diabetes, diseases of blood and a gastrointestinal path, owing to avitaminosis. Candida of an oral cavity, throat and gullet is noted more than at 90% of patients AIDS.

The allergy to hair of pets, mold and pollen, a household dust and other allergens can be shown not only a redness, a face edema and cold, but also a sore throat.

Difficulty of nasal breath
Trouble breathing through a nose can be connected with a curvature of a nasal partition or other states. They compel the person to breathe through the mouth that leads to that the mucous membrane of an oral cavity and a throat becomes insufficiently humidified, and there are a dryness and a sore throat. Oral breath quite often is at night the reason of snore which provokes damage of a mucous membrane of a throat and pain emergence when swallowing. The feeling of dryness and sore throat, especially in the morning, can be connected with excessive dryness of air indoors, it most often occurs in the winter when heating works.

Air pollution and smoking
The polluted air on the street can become the reason of constant irritation of the top airways, but the tobacco smoke is much more dangerous. And passive smoking is more dangerous to the top airways, than active. So-called smokeless smoking (chewing and snuff forms of tobacco), alcohol or spicy food also can irritate a throat and be the cause of pains.

Diseases of teeth and oral cavity
Diseases of teeth and fabrics surrounding them can cause a sore throat: periodontal disease, teething pathology, galvanic syndrome (formation of galvanic electric current in an oral cavity because of existence of artificial limbs and crowns from alloys of different metals which are affected by the saliva playing a role of electrolyte).

Muscular tension
The excessive tension of muscles of a throat, just as muscles of hands or feet can lead to emergence of painful feelings. The sore throat after performance at a concert, after pronouncing the long speech from a tribune or owing to excessively loud voice support of a favorite team at sports competitions is a result of an overstrain of muscles of a throat.

Tumors of a throat, language or the voice device, thyroid gland can is long not to be shown by symptoms, in other cases early enough there are a hoarseness of a voice, difficulty of swallowing and a sore throat.

Foreign matter
Existence of a foreign matter in a throat is accompanied by sharp pricking or cutting pain when swallowing which for the first time arises during food. Most often such foreign matter is the fish bone or a splinter of a meat bone.


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