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The headache caused by drugs and vitamins

The simplest way to get rid of pain – to take a medicine. Each of us has favourite drugs, and we continue them to use, not in view of preventions of physicians that are possible accustoming, side effects and overdose. Pharmacologists some countries don't advise to use analginum very popular with us. In our drugstores it is available on free sale, though domestic doctors recommend to use it rather carefully, no more than 2 tablets in a week. Discretion should be shown also to aspirin and some other analgetics.

Some drugs cause an undesirable side effect in the form of a headache. Energizers, tranquilizers, hypnotic drugs, insulin, nicotine and isoniazid concern to them. Also nonsteroid resolvents, contraceptive tablets can provoke migraine.

For fast removal of pain at heart attack many actively use nitroglycerine. However he is close "relative" of nitrites and possesses collateral action, causing pulsing temple pain. If she very strong, is better to refuse this medicine, having replaced it with another.

At the same time at cancellation of separate drugs (ergotamine, barbiturates) the echo effect, being shown is often observed by a strong headache so-called.

Besides, it can arise not only at the wrong drug intake – overdose of vitamins is also fraught with undesirable consequences. Vitamin A (Retinolum) – one of the most known, popular and necessary. It is necessary for the general strengthening of an organism, and its shortage leads to colds, frequent infections and violations of functions of nervous system. The need for vitamin A for the adult makes 1,5 milligram a day. However its chronic overdose can cause severe pulsing headaches which are localized in frontal area and are combined with dizziness, nausea, belly-aches and increased fatigue. Overdose is very dangerous to children as at them the increased intra cranial pressure and a strong headache can be observed.

A lot of vitamin A contains in fats of an animal origin: cod-liver oil, butter, milk and dairy products, liver (chicken, beef, pork), cheese and egg yolk. Highly also the contents it in carrots, a papaya, pumpkin, a ramson, parsley, broccoli, spinach, onions, beet and green peas, and also in a sea-buckthorn, apricots, avocado and dried apricots, a dogrose, peaches and other fruit. Including these products in the diet, it is necessary to remember that only balance and a variety in food will make him the faithful assistant in fight for health.


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