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Useful exercises for eyes

Problems with sight are close and clear to people of any age, be to you 20 or 60 years as it, first of all, defines degree of orientation of the person in surrounding space.

Modern lifestyle makes very strong influence on eyes. This results from the fact that professional and educational activity of many people is connected with work on the computer. Besides a considerable share of free time - kids, teenagers and adults will see off behind TV viewing, in communication on the Internet that increases degree of load of sight naturally even more.

Level of a condition of sight in many respects depends and on a state of health of the person, and first of all on his immunity, features of blood and lymphatic systems, liver and brain work.

Improper feeding, bad illumination, continuous stay in the closed rooms, chronic diseases (tonsillitis, rheumatism, bad blood supply, deviations in arterial pressure, etc.), an allergy, conjunctivitis, etc. have indirect impact on deterioration of sight and some other the reasons, for example.

Besides, blow to eyes can render and seasonal changes, especially in the fall, in the winter and in the spring when except bacterial conjunctivitis danger to pick up virus conjunctivitis which develops promptly increases and puts serious damages to sight.

Sunglasses - not easy fashionable accessory, they protect eyes from a sunlight and ultra-violet beams which can cause various diseases of eyes.

Can be the cause of decrease in visual acuity and age as from 40-45 years ability of sight to focus (the asthenopia develops) decreases. It is necessary to notice that the asthenopia can be received at any age if the whole day of an eye tensely work without observance of rules of prevention: soft lighting, isn't carried out a mode of interruption of work (10-15 minutes of rest from the screen through each 2-3 hour of work), the correct picture contrast, performance of exercises for eyes, etc.

It isn't necessary to self-medicate sight as the doctor the ophthalmologist in which arsenal there is a special medical equipment therefore we will be engaged in prevention can make the exact diagnosis about a condition of this body only.


Bilberry is rich not only antioxidants, but also in a large number contains microcells useful to eyes and vessels. Berry can be eaten, both fresh, and frozen, in the last remains to 80% of useful properties. Thanks to the low maintenance of the calories, one cup of this berry in day won't be reflected in any way in a figure, but will help to keep sight.

Exercises for eyes

Exercises for a relaxation of eyes are the simplest way to keep sight. Daily performance of exercises will allow, is removed tension, to avoid reddening and dryness of eyes. Allocate 7-10 minutes for a break, sit down directly and relax, we begin.

1. Look to the right, and then on the left, each time expanding the range of considered subjects and their details. Repeat till 10-15 movements in each party, close eyes for 2-3 seconds and repeat movement of eyes in the parties 1-2 more times.

2. Execute similar exercise for eyes, only, translating a look already up - down, expanding idea of a considered environment. Repeat movement by eyes up – down 10-15 times in 2-3 receptions with 3-5 second interval. Eyes, during rest, have to be closed.

3. Execute movement of eyes clockwise, having made 10-12 circular rotations, and then - counterclockwise, having made 10-12 movements of eyes around. Close eyes and let's them have a rest in 3-5 seconds, and then repeat once again a complex of movements of eyes around.

4. Choose a point (subject) before eyes and start it considering attentively, gradually expanding the circle of considered subjects which is in the neighbourhood. Having felt strong tension in eyes, again translate a view of the initial point (subject) of examining. Look some seconds at this subject, and. again. expand the sight review. To repeat exercise of 3-5 times.

5. Look to the right - up, and then to the left – down. Execute a complex of movements of 12-15 times and change a trajectory of movement of eyes, transferring a look from the beginning to the left – up, and then to the right – down. To execute exercise in 2-3 receptions.

6. To bring a finger of a hand to a nose tip and to look at it, then, removing a finger from a nose tip on distance of an outstretched arm and again approaching, to continue to look at it. To execute 15-20 movements by a hand in 2 receptions with 6-8 second interval, closing eyes for a pause.


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