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Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

About advantage of vitamin C it is told and written much. and if it is short, than it is useful to an organism?

Vitamin C neutralizes action of water-soluble free radicals. Ascorbic acid protects organs of vision from destruction, prevents development of cardiovascular diseases, provides protection of genetic information against mutations, neutralizes many poisons, etc.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which is necessary for growth and recovery processes in fabrics (rejuvenation of cages), function of adrenal glands, strengthening of protective forces of an organism. Vitamin C promotes production of anti-stressful hormones and interferon (immunity). Vitamin C protects an organism from dangerous effects of environmental pollution, is applied to prevention of malignant diseases, infections, increases immunity that promotes rejuvenation of cages. Ascorbic acid also promotes reduction of level of cholesterol and normalization of arterial pressure, prevents atherosclerosis development, reduces fragility of capillaries that serves prevention of heart attacks and strokes (cerebral hemorrhages). Vitamin C protects from formation of blood clots and bruises, accelerates healing of wounds and burns.

The last researches showed that vitamin C strengthens effect of vitamin E. Tocopherol (vitamin E) is "trap" for dangerous free radicals in cellular membranes (covers), and vitamin C affects free radicals in biological liquids. Both vitamins mutually raise and expand a range of antioxidant activity.
Vitamin C protects from toxic effect of cadmium, vanadium and mercury. Regular reception of vitamin C reduces by 45% risk of development of a cataract and for 42% risk of cardiovascular diseases.


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