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Ginger: the best energy drink and the best prevention of cold!

About medical properties of ginger, apparently, all know: it stimulates immunity and digestion, promotes burning of excess calories, tones up and helps to be warmed.  No wonder that in the Asian culinary tradition based first of all on advantage of ingredients for health, ginger takes a special place and is a part practically any recipes. 

It is explainable and from the point of view of modern science: the fresh root of ginger contains almost all irreplaceable amino acids. It increases internal heat, stimulates appetite, stimulates a metabolism, helps at organism clarification. Ginger tea – fine cold medicine. Also ginger is very useful to the people occupied with intellectual work: it dilutes blood at the expense of what the brain is better supplied with oxygen, functions of feelings of perception and intelligence become more active. The ginger lemonade made on the basis of concentrated syrup, not only invigorates and tones up, but also helps at manifestations of weakness of a vestibular mechanism, for example, if you rocks to sleep in the car.

RECIPE: Ginger lemonade

We will clear a root of ginger 8-10 centimeters long of skin and we will cut thin circles. We will lay out in a pan, we will fill in with three glasses of water (600 ml), we will add 1 glass of sugar and we will cook on average fire about 30 minutes, without covering. In ready syrup while it still warm, we will add juice and a dried peel of five limes and we will leave it completely to cool down, and then we will filter through a sieve. It is possible to dilute syrup with simple water with ice, aerated water or cold mineral water.


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