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50 ways to spend life for nothing

If you don't try to achieve what you want, never it you will receive. If you don't ask the correct questions, you will always receive incorrect answers. If you don't take a step forward, you will always stand still. Life is a travel on which we make the choice. Here the list of 50 alternatives which should be avoided.

1. Spend time, regretting for the past and feeling sorry for itself.
2. Complain of problems and don't try to solve them.
3. Go on the way of the smallest resistance and give up when it became difficult.
4. Forget about passion and pursue money.
5. Live from a salary to a salary.
6. Spend more, than you earn, and be in debt.
7. Try to control everything, and then worry because it is impossible.
8. Think of of what you are afraid.
9. Be afraid of that is insufficiently clear.
10. Start up others for you solve. Never make decisions.
11. Allow small misunderstanding to turn into global problems.
12. Envy all around.
13. Constrain anger. Never forgive nobody.
14. Be always right. Never allow another to be more right.
15. Be dependent on opinion of others, yet you won't understand that you stand.
16. Make sure, something that you do, impresses others.
17. Lie to itself and another and reconcile to that others lie to you.
18. Do same again and again while you won't die.
19. Never finish that began.
20. Always remain in the same place. Never travel.
21. Compare itself to those who is more successful, comparison always has to be not in your advantage.
22. Underestimate itself and hang with people who consider also.
23. Never learn anything new.
24. Be never responsible for that made. Shift fault to others.
25. Allow you to help nobody.
26. Trust nobody.
27. Set to itself many tasks. Do everything at once.
28. Fill every moment the life with obligations.
29. Don't help another if it isn't obliged. Do only that is favorable to you.
30. Think of you don't have what, and be loaded about it.
31. Never play sports. You eat only harmful and fried.
32. Don't say that you think. Don't think that you speak.
33. Never say to nobody that you feel and of what you think.
34. Never speak "forgive" and "I love you".
35. Penetrate into problems of others and make them the.
36. Always shelve the requirements.
37. Force others to think of itself badly.
38. Watch TV some hours in day.
39. Use drugs and alcohol.
40. Any rest, only work.
41. Forget about a hobby.
42. Forget about close relations.
43. Take everything seriously and closely to heart.
44. Remember offenses, forget compliments.
45. Plan nothing. Always pull to the last.
46. Constrain all emotions.
47. Don't pay attention to opinions and councils of other people.
48. Dream of future purposes and never do nothing for their achievement.
49. Be afraid of changes and resist of.
50. Work much, do everything possible, and then damn itself that didn't reach perfection.

If you recognized yourselves in some points of this list, you remember - not very well as long you go in the wrong direction, you always have a chance to turn back.


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