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Harmful products which it is better to refuse

Not to risk health, nutritionists advise to refuse products which contain a large number of artificial food additives, sugar, salt, fats, and also that are prepared with use of technologies of smoking, a grill or hot fan.

1. The refined sugar
The refined sugar which receive as a result of processing of beet and a sugar cane, not for nothing consider as one of the most harmful products: in it there are neither vitamins, nor mineral substances, food fibers, and at the same time it contains many calories. Sugar provokes development of the whole bunch of diseases: endocrine (diabetes, obesity), cardiovascular (coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis), gastrointestinal, respiratory organs, kidneys and, certainly, teeth – from elementary caries to periodontosis, organism resilience to various infections also reduces.

2. Salt
The healthy adult needs only 5 g of salt a day. We, as a rule, eat much more – 10-15 g of salt! At the same time its excess consumption causes development of cardiovascular diseases, diseases of kidneys, accumulation of toxins and, respectively, emergence of malignant tumors. To people of advanced age, and also that who has diseases of heart and kidneys, it is necessary to eat no more than 2 g of salt a day, and it is better not to salt at all food.

3. Sausage
In sausages, sausages, sausages there are a lot of fats, including the so-called hidden, artificial food additives and salt. Vegetable derivatives of rice or the soy, which significant amount are their part (to 85% also! ) it is grown up now with use of technologies of genetic engineering. Smoked products contain also a large number of cancerogenic substances. And taste gives to sausages, sausages and sausages … a glutamate of sodium which, according to some scientists, causes narcotic accustoming and development of many diseases. Besides, if there are such products constantly, there is a risk thoroughly to upset nervous system.

4. Margarine
Margarine is at all analog of butter as consider many. This product – the most real substitute: it contains the hydrogenated, synthetic fats and "is plentifully flavored" with preservatives, emulsifiers and dyes. Transfats containing in margarine are very high-calorie, toxic and are in the habit to collect in an organism. It should be added that this dangerous product is used in many types of baking: cookies, fruitcakes, dry biscuits, etc. which are on sale in shops.

5. Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise contains a large amount of fats, including saturated, and carbohydrates, and also sodium, vinegar and various artificial additives – flavoring substitutes and dyes. In certain cases this product can be stored within half a year and more, – can imagine, how hazardous to health there can be such "delicacy"! Diseases of heart and vessels, stomach and intestines, metabolic disorder and obesity – here is far not the full list of side effects which the habit to flavor food with mayonnaise gives.

6. Cubes, noodles and soups of fast preparation
This "fast food" consists of continuous chemistry: the structure of cubes, noodles and soups includes food additives – amplifiers of taste and aroma (including a sodium glutamate), acidity regulators, dyes and a large amount of salt. You really quickly … will be able "to put" with their help the liver, and at the same time and kidneys, after all contain such products and allocate a set of toxic substances, especially, if you fill in them with boiled water directly in plastic packing.

7. Fast food (hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chips, etc.)
About harm of fast food it is told and written much. Such products contain a large amount of fats, including synthetic, salts, artificial additives, cancerogenic substances and cause so dangerous diseases, as atherosclerosis, a brain heart attack, a cancer, arthritises, violations of hormonal balance, infertility, obesity, and also irreversible changes of immune system. One more minus – accustoming, after all fast food starts causing over time in children and adults the dependence similar to the narcotic.

8. Canned food
The habit constantly to replace fresh natural products preserved good doesn't promise anything to our health. After all so favourite many delicacies contain many harmful substances in glass and tin jars: preservatives, amplifiers of taste, fragrances, dyes, etc., large amount of salt and sugar. In processing of products their structure and taste change considerably, lost many useful substances, including some vitamins. And if the production technology is violated, canned food can cause poisonings, and rather heavy.

9. The aerated drinks
The structure of Coca, Pepsi, various lemonades and other "fast utolitel of thirst" includes a large amount of sugar, artificial additives (preservatives, podkislitel, sweeteners, fragrances, emulsifiers, food dyes), various acids, soda, and also cancerogenic substances. Some drinks contain caffeine, extract of leaves cooks and other unsafe stimulators. Gas which makes irritating impact on a mucous membrane of a stomach is rather harmful also.

10. Alcohol
All know about harm of alcohol, but nevertheless its consumption only increases every year. Alcohol is the third after cardiovascular and oncological diseases of the reason of mortality of the population, it considerably increases risk of various injuries, in tens times – probability of commission of suicides; besides, in a state of intoxication about a half of murders is committed. The alcohol renders the raised load of various bodies and organism systems: kidneys, liver (that can bring to cirrhosis), cardiovascular system, a gastrointestinal path (that leads to gastritis, stomach ulcer) and others.


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