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Hookah smoking

According to scientific researches, smoking of a hookah does considerable harm to health.  And fans of a hookah spoil not only own health, but also health of the friends, children and relatives.  Though many mistakenly believe as if filtered by water, the tobacco smoke stops being the harmful. 

Actually any smoke contains nicotine, pitches, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances which inhalation is harmful always.  However at young age of manifestation of adverse effect maybe it isn't noticeable. 
Harmful effects of a hookah are capable to be transferred to the following generations, however it still up to the end isn't studied, but after all the smoker of a hookah should reflect that the behavior it can do harm not only, but also the future children, grandsons.
It is impossible to consider by no means a hookah as less harmful replacement to cigarettes.

The hookah isn't safe alternative to smoking

The smoker of a hookah during a usual hour session can inhale so much tobacco smoke, how many contains in more than 100-200 cigarettes, warns the Ministry of social affairs. In the statement reports that the hookah smoke, even after passing via the water filter, contains in a large number carbon monoxide, salts of heavy metals and the chemical compounds causing a cancer. The water filter holds part of nicotine, but doesn't guarantee safety of smoking and doesn't prevent emergence of dependence.

Any tobacco contains the poison causing dependence — nicotine which is one of regulators of number of consumption of tobacco. The smoker of cigarettes smokes until will satisfy an organism with a habitual dose of nicotine. For saturation of nicotinic hunger when smoking a hookah 20-80 minutes leave.

If the smoker of cigarettes within 5-7 minutes does about 8-12 inhalings and inhales 0,5 — 0,6 liters of a smoke, when smoking a hookah 50–200 inhalings become, each of which contains 0,15 — 1,0 liters of a smoke. Therefore the smoker of a hookah for one session of smoking can inhale in himself more smoke, than when smoking 100 cigarettes.

At stay in the smoked room non-smoking its health is exposed to danger, the same situation develops and in the company of smokers of a hookah. In this case harm from the carbon monoxide emitted at burning of coals, and other chemical compounds is still added.

The hookah is hazardous to health

Fast development of tourism is accompanied by the world distribution arisen in North Africa and Asia of a cult of smoking of a hookah or, in a spoken language, "a water tube". On supervision of representatives of Estonian travel companies, every tenth tourist coming back from Egypt brings together with other souvenirs with himself and a hookah.

Smoking of a hookah is considered innocent sociable pastime that promoted by delusion according to which the tobacco smoke passing through the water filter of a tube, can't be same unhealthy as a smoke from smoking of cigarettes. Besides that in hookah tobacco various flavoring substances and aromas which eliminate bitter taste inherent in tobacco are added, on packing of hookah tobacco the mark often contains that this tobacco contains "only" 0,5% of nicotine and 0% of pitches that in turn strengthens confidence of harmlessness of smoking of "a water tube". Deceptive advertizing on the Internet propagandizes hookah smoking as safest type of smoking.

Each smoker of a hookah has to mean that:
— the hookah isn't safe alternative to smoking of cigarettes;
— for a usual hourly session of smoking of a hookah of people inhales by 100–200 times bigger quantity of a smoke in comparison with the smoked cigarette;
— hookah smoke, even having passed through the water filter, contains a large number of particles of toxic substances, including oxides of carbon, salts of heavy metals and the chemical compounds causing a cancer;
— neither the water filter of a hookah, nor other additional resources of protection don't ensure safety of smoking of a hookah for health and don't exclude dependence emergence;
— the general use of a mouthpiece of a hookah by several smokers contains risk of infection with any serious infectious disease, including tuberculosis and a liver inflammation;
— stay in the company of smokers of a hookah the same passive smoking, it threatens health non-smoking, having the effect equivalent to stay in the room, with a cigarette smoke. Products of combustion used as combustible substance for a charcoal hookah in the form of an oxide of carbon and other chemical compounds are thus added.

Though the water filter of a hookah absorbs part of the nicotine, even the beginning smoker experimenting with "a water tube", can receive a nicotine dose, sufficient for formation of dependence in an organism. Dangers of smoking of a hookah aren't limited only to nicotine because inhalation of a tobacco smoke in such large number means at the same time hit in an organism of carbon monoxide, salts of heavy metals, chemical elements in the quantity doing harm to an organism because water doesn't hold fully all "smoke chemistry". About it know both manufacturers of a hookah, and dealers who, advertizing absolutely safe smoking, offer the hookah equipped with a mouthpiece with the filter from absorbent carbon or filled with cotton, or offer as an additional protectant added in hookah water chemicals and special filters for formation of smaller bubbles. They don't give any guarantee of safety. Inhaled quantities of a smoke, of course, vary, depending on model of a hookah and an image of smoking, but any type of a hookah as adaptations for smoking isn't safe for health, being essential risk factor of emergence of chronic pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases and cancer tumors.

The hookah with the pleasant aroma and soft taste is a special bait for teenagers who never tried to smoke earlier and didn't smoke. It is the real trap — formation of dependence without that the person understood it. Initial passion is gradually replaced by a habit that opens a way to smoking of cigarettes, and there isn't far before the use of drugs. Youth hookah parties where in a hookah instead of water alcoholic beverages (generally wine) are used are also frequent also, or smoking tobacco is replaced with hemp.

It is remarkable that mythical idea of safety of a hookah is widespread, along with mania of hookah smoking, both in Europe, and in America whereas starts disappearing in many Islamic countries.  So, more and more the Islamic countries imposes a ban on hookah smoking in internal rooms in leisure places. 

Hookah against a cigarette

The smoking of a hookah which was considered earlier as less harmful, than smoking of usual tobacco, actually so dangerously and also leads to a number of dangerous diseases. According to the last medical researches hour of smoking of a hookah is equivalent to 100 smoked cigarettes. In Egypt where the culture of smoking of a hookah is extremely developed, the authorities already declare the restrictive measures connected with this exotic entertainment. Meanwhile the number of fans of a hookah quickly grows in Europe.

The smoking of a hookah which was considered earlier as less harmful, than smoking of tobacco, actually so dangerously also can cause an illness of lungs, cardiovascular diseases and a cancer. The last researches of physicians testify to it.

"Doctors are seriously concerned that smoking of a hookah becomes more and more popular in the European countries".

According to World Health Organization researches, the smoke of a hookah contains as much carbon dioxide, tar and heavy metals, as usual cigarettes. About the same tell also data of analyses of the German Center on studying of problems of a cancer.

The main distinction consists in quantity and quality of a tobacco smoke inhaled by the smoker. So, the content of beryllium, chrome, cobalt and nickel in a hookah smoke many times over surpasses the contents of these unhealthy the person of substances in a cigarette smoke. Wrong experts and opinion that water serves as some kind of filter reducing influence of harmful substances consider.

It isn't necessary to forget and that ritual of smoking of a hookah is quite long - it proceeds of half an hour about one hour. One hour of smoking of a hookah is equivalent to 100 smoked cigarettes.


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