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Some words about Coca-Cola?

You like to drink Coca-Cola? Look that happens to our organism after the use of this drink.

The first 10 minutes: in an organism 10 teaspoons of sugar (the maximum recommended daily dose) arrive. This minute you doesn't feel sick from excess of sugar because phosphoric acid dulls excessive sweet, allowing sugar to be acquired.

In 20 minutes: the content of sugar in blood increases that leads to insulin emission. The liver reacts to it by transformation of sugar into fat.

In 40 minutes: absorption of caffeine came to the end. Pupils extend, arterial pressure increases, the liver starts throwing out more sugar in blood. Receptors of a brain are blocked, thereby, preventing drowsiness.

In 45 minutes: production of dopamine, the hormone stimulating the center of pleasure of a brain amplifies. By the same principle heroin works.
In an hour: Phosphoric acid connects calcium, magnesium and zinc in intestines, strengthening a metabolism. Increases calcium allocations with urine.

More than in hour. Diuretic effect of caffeine comes into force, there is a requirement to descend in a toilet. Calcium, magnesium and zinc which are so necessary for bones as well as sodium, electrolyte and water are removed. You become irritable or sluggish.
It is so much harm in one jar … Only present that will be if to drink
Coca-Cola every day. Use water, natural, freshly squeezed juice and tea without sugar better.


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