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When it is better not to drink tea?

Tea, of course, drink useful, but not always. There is a number of cases when it is better to refrain from tea drinking.

It is impossible to drink very hot tea as it can cause painful changes of a throat and even a stomach. And if to be exact, temperature of tea shouldn't be above 56 degrees Celsius.

As it isn't necessary to use tea before going to bed as it brings a brain and nervous system into the excited state that long won't allow to fall asleep. Sometimes the high content in tea of theine and caffeine can be the cause of sleeplessness or a headache.

Drugs as can't be washed down with tea as the set of drugs is badly acquired and leaves a sediment because of the tannins which are present at tea.

Alcohol and tea – are incompatible! In such cases kidneys suffer. Teofillin accelerates production of urine, and it allows aldehyde to get to kidneys before splitting. So forget about idea of mixing of alcohol and tea.

And the most interesting: it isn't recommended to drink tea after food! In tea there is a tannin which can lead to violation of digestion of iron. In an ideal, tea needs to be drunk not earlier, than in 20-30 minutes after meal.


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