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Massage of feet

Doing massage of feet, we bring benefit not only to our feet, but also all organism.

1. As massage of foot to remove stress in a back
For a start we will find "backbone" on foot. Sit down on a floor with the crossed feet. Take in hand any foot. Pay attention to her internal edge. The line between a heel and a thumb also is a backbone projection. Visually divide this line into parts: sacrum, waist, chest and cervical department. Now a thumb with effort mass this line in the direction from a heel to a sock. If in a backbone there are problems, you without effort will find here their reflection. They are felt as painful, sometimes rigid points. Massing them, you don't influence a backbone directly. You do even better: you weaken the same nervous terminations which force you to store tension in a back. The cumulative weakening effect is observed already from the first.

2. As foot is connected with an internal
No mysticism in it is present. Simply soles and palms of the person — the main organs of touch. For this purpose here meet to 72 thousand nervous terminations (72 thousand power channels, Nadia). Palms and feet adequately estimate a situation (temperature, a wind, humidity and many other things) and "report" on it on all bodies and body systems directly. We can use it: we mass only feet — all body relaxes. We lower feet in water — all nervous system relaxes. We warm feet, we put on warm socks — all body is warmed. Massing feet, you can kill pain, facilitate a condition of all bodies and organism systems.

3. How to make self-massage of feet
- Preparation
Wash up hands and feet warm water and dry up a towel. Slightly warm up massage oil.

- Position of a body
Sit down with the crossed feet. If you feel tension in a back, arrange yourself a support under a back and buttocks. Put the roller under a knee of a massed foot, undertake foot.

- Massage
In the beginning oil both feet of foot the warmed up. Then knead feet in turn. At first pound a sole from a heel to fingers and back. Twist and pull each finger. Several times squeeze foot from sides. Then mass reflex zones. Usually it do by a thumb, strongly pressing, pounding a zone roundabouts. After acupressure again iron all foot. Take the relaxed foot a hand and twist it, developing joints: ankle, fingers, heel. It is thus important that the foot didn't strain, and all movements carried out only hands.

- Foot massage by an elbow
It very conveniently and demands much less forces, than massage by hand fingers. It is necessary to sit down in a lotus or semi-lotus pose and to mass a foot sole an elbow. The additional force of pressing can be created pressure of a palm upon a palm.

- Frequency and duration
Optimum to mass feet of minutes on 5 everyone, but every day or every other day. Then the effect won't keep itself waiting.

- Contraindications: infectious diseases with body temperature increase;
tumors or danger of metastasises; varicose expansion of veins; inflammation of joints of foot. You shouldn't mass hypodermic consolidations, fungoid defeats, warts and birthmarks.


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