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Water massage for hands

Simple performed by and very effective procedure, it is necessary to find 5-10 minutes of time only!

1.  Massage of hands restores force and operability of tired muscles after long and physical activity and strengthens sheaves and joints of hands. 

2.  Improves healing of soft fabrics after injuries, reducing hypostases and pains. 

3.  It is capable to improve blood circulation and a metabolism in tissues of hands and in an organism as a whole. 

4.  Very effective remedy for strengthening of heart and prevention of its diseases. 

5.  On a brush there is a set of points with reflex cages therefore the effect from massage will positively affect health, irrespective of age. 

* Begin massage of hands as a rule from a brush gradually pouring over the outer side to a shoulder and come back back, but already pouring over a hand water from the inside. Better if you will do it by means of a shower of pleasant warm moderate force of a stream of water.

* It is necessary to remember that after massage it is necessary to grease hands with special water. It isn't difficult to prepare it:
take equal proportions of pink water and glycerin, add only 10 drops of liquid ammonia. Let this bottle constantly cost on a wash basin.


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