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Incompatibility of drugs with food is has to know everyone!

When we get sick and we start accepting the medicines registered by the doctor, we don't stop eating and drinking. Thus very few people change the habitual food allowance, and here the combination of certain preparations to some food can worsen or completely neutralize medical action.
As and vice versa – the healthy nutrition can act as the additional medical factor improving effect of medicines and facilitating process of recovery.

What registered?

Antibiotics are one of the most "conflict" preparations. It is necessary to exclude milk, and also dairy products as they almost completely neutralize effect had by antibiotics from the menu. It is necessary to refuse and alcohol. Eat more fruit, vegetables and greens. Temporarily refuse sour food – fruit, aerated water, juice, dry wine and any dishes for which preparation use vinegar.

Antidipresant - with them it is better not to combine the matured cheeses, cheeses with a mold, sauerkraut, soy sauce, a beef and chicken liver, dried fish and meat, yogurts, a fig, raisin and sour cream. The combination of antidipresant to these products can increase arterial pressure.

On a note: accepting energizers, it is necessary to refuse flatly alcohol, especially red wine.

Anticoagulants (dilute blood) can't be combined with cranberry juice, a fruit drink and the cranberry. Such combination can cause internal bleeding.

Aspirin. Accepting it, eat dishes with the small content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, differently the effect from medicine can decrease twice. Refuse citrus juice as together with aspirin they provoke strong irritation mucous a stomach.
Incompatibility of drugs with food is has to know everyone!
On a note: never wash down aspirin with milk (there is an opinion that such way protects mucous a stomach) as it completely neutralizes medicine, and the preparation simply doesn't work.

Soothing preparations aren't recommended to be combined with smoked products as they nullify all useful effect.

Hormonal preparations. They make impact on a material exchange therefore for prevention of complications it is necessary to eat cottage cheese and other dairy products, and also dried apricots, fish, raisin, berries and pumpkin (these products contain many proteins, salts of potassium and vitamins).

Ferriferous medicines. Accepting them, refuse coffee, tea, flour and sweet, dairy products and nuts. All these products complicate digestion of iron in an organism.

Clonidine (reduces arterial pressure) can't be combined with alcohol. Alcoholic beverages neutralize effect rendered by a preparation that can cause sharp pressure jump.
Incompatibility of drugs with food is has to know everyone!

On a note: having accepted clonidine together with alcohol, it is possible to faint (this effect some swindlers about whom you for certain know from criminal chronicles and movies use).

Diuretic preparations. They promote removal of potassium from an organism. For completion of its stocks it is necessary to eat green peas, a sorrel, spinach, dried apricots, beet, onions, potatoes, apples and carrots.

Antirheumatoid preparations. These means very aggressively influence on mucous a gastrointestinal path. Adhere to a strict diet at reception of such preparations: refuse crude vegetables and fruit, fried dishes and mushrooms, meat and fish broths.


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