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Tablet from the head

1. Tablet "from the head"

In most cases, having felt an easy indisposition or a headache, we accept any "Efferalgan" or "Coldrex" for the night in hope that we will wake up healthy in the morning and we will go for work or to the sports hall. To do so absolutely incorrectly.

We will begin with that these substances even are theoretically incapable to cure cold, and we will continue that negative effects of paracetamol and aspirin and are widely known long ago, but owing to low cost these drugs continue to be on sale in large volumes.

2. Paracetamol
Professionals say that today paracetamol wouldn't get the admission as a prescription drug, not to mention free sale. Even the resolved daily dose (4 grams) can cause a serious poisoning and toxic damage of a liver.

Double excess of this dose is fraught with the sharp hepatic insufficiency leading to painful death, lasting some days. In other words, seeming harmless tablets are capable to undermine seriously health or even to kill.

3. Aspirin
Anesthetizing effect of aspirin (acetilsalicylic acid) lasts only some hours, and effect of fluidifying of blood — some days. It is capable to lead to that prolonged scratch or a wound in a mouth after visit to the tooth can open and start bleeding.

Some "doctors" recommend to take aspirin as prevention of a coronary heart trouble or even decrease in risk of development of a cancer. But researches show that this recommendation is justified only for those who already had a stroke.

4. Preparations for cold
The most part of preparations for cold — "Coldrex", "Theraflu", "Fervex" is only paracetamol, a small dose of ascorbic acid, and also the preparation eliminating cold. In structure there are no components, capable to cure or suspend an illness.

To use these preparations to simplification of a state it is harmful, and at a number of conditions and it is simply dangerous. Well and traditional practice to accept such preparations for the night is harmful doubly as paracetamol and similar substances negatively influence a metabolism.

5. Anesthetizing and hormonal level
Any nonsteroid anti-inflammatory preparations, such as aspirin, an ibuprofen, diclofenac and others, negatively influence synthesis of one of the most important hormones for growth of muscles – growth hormone.

Considering what even one tablet of simple aspirin can make impact on an organism within several days, it is impossible to speak about serious power trainings at this time. And especially "Coldrex" can't drink and to go to a hall.

6. The safe anesthetizing
The European experts most often recommend an ibuprofen ("Nurafen", "MIG400", "Advil", "Solpafleks" and others) as replacement of outdated and dangerous aspirin and paracetamol. This substance kills a headache and high temperature.

But it is necessary to remember always that any anesthetizing are capable to cause gastric bleeding or to do other harm to an organism, and their application has to be justified. To drink them "for cold" or "from the head" precisely isn't necessary.


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