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Exercises for fingers

Our fingers can treat our body. 
Flexibility and mobility of fingers testifies to a condition of an internal.
And each finger is responsible for certain bodies.
In Japanese medical system to shiayets the great value is attached to massage of fingers.
The expert N. Tekukhiro considers that elastic and strong fingers well affect all organism. The more delicate work is performed by them, the thought processes in the head proceed more actively. Here such regularity!

And flexibility and mobility of fingers testify to a condition of an internal, and, by the principle of feedback, influences it. Quite recently the western medicine recognized existence in a body of the person of power channels and meridians which connect various bodies and form power information framework of our organism.
All internal has external exits projections.
Thus they are reported with environment, including with Space.

Exercises for fingers.
So, regular physical exercises (bending extension) and massage
- the first finger - improves brain activity;
- the second - a stomach;
- the third - intestines;
- the fourth - a liver;
- the fifth - heart.
Not incidentally, at people suffering cardiac diseases, weak little fingers. They are sometimes so weak that the person hardly bends and unbends them. Therefore it is very useful for warm-hearted patient to mass little fingers. By the way, fine gymnastics for fingers is to count the beads.

In the Indian yoga for treatment by fingers there are special medical positions.
They allow to treat and bring into norm an internal purposefully.

For prevention of cardiovascular diseases and tension removal after a stress.
We do exercise "recounting of fingers". For this purpose put hands palms to each other at small distance. Then serially bend fingers and at the same time do roundabouts by hands "from itself".

From a headache, weight in the head and an elevated pressure.
Consecutive imposing of fingers at each other helps: the fourth on the fifth, the third on the fourth etc. Then this exercise repeats in the return sequence. It is necessary to do it at the same time by two hands.

At ear diseases and hearing complication.
Middle finger bend so that it a small pillow adjoined to the thumb basis, and to them press bent average. Other fingers have to be straightened, but aren't strained.
It is necessary to keep fingers in this situation 2-3 minutes, and to repeat exercise several times.

At radiculitis, rheumatism, backbone and joints pains.
Bend a forefinger so that it a small pillow reached the thumb basis.
With it in turn slightly hold the index. Other fingers straighten and weaken.
To carry out 10-15 minutes. In some hours after performance pain will decrease.

At catarrhal diseases, cough, antritis, pneumonia.
Hasta making active immune system. Connect palms together, fingers cross among themselves. Thumb of one hand set aside and make round it a ring index and a thumb of other hand.

At sharp pain in heart before arrival of the doctor.
Do exercise at the same time both hands, pain won't fall down yet. Bend a forefinger so that it concerned a small pillow of a trailer phalanx at the thumb basis. Thus connect small pillows of anonymous, average and big fingers, and a little finger leave straightened. Action of this exercise is similar to reception of a tablet of nitroglycerine.

At fast fatigue, irritability, sight violation.
Connect together small pillows of a little finger, anonymous and big fingers, and the others freely straighten. Regular performance of this exercise not only treats eyes, but also improves the general health.

If it is necessary quickly will calm down after a strong emotional shock.
Connect the first and second or first and third finger on both hands then quietly breathe. This exercise promotes also to internal concentration.

At an inflammation of a stomach, intestines, liver diseases, swelling and gripes.
Little finger of the right hand bend so that it touched the basis of a thumb which slightly press it. The left hand clasp the right brush from below so that the thumb of the left hand was on a thumb of the right.

For appetite restoration.
Close lateral surfaces of thumbs, and other fingers cross and bend so that they were in palms. For treatment and for the purpose of prevention carry out exercises 2-3 times a day for 15 minutes. Then massage all fingers.


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