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Exercises from shoulder and neck pain

Being long time in a sitting position at the computer many face a problem - shoulder pain and necks.
Simple exercises will help you to get rid of unpleasant feelings.

1.  This exercise can be carried out both squating crosslegged, and standing.  You put a palm of the right hand on the left part of the head and softly you press, inclining the head to the right. 
The left hand it is possible to last down and a little aside.  During this exercise shoulders have to be lowered, the back is recorded in direct situation. 
You are late on one party within 30 seconds, then slowly you come back to a starting position and you repeat on other party.

2.  Sit down on knees before a wall.  If there are problems with knees, spread under them a blanket or a towel. 
Knees have to be a little wider, than hips.  Extend hands over the head, put forearms on a wall and allow gravitation to work for you. 
It is possible to add easy effort and to cave in even below. The head has to be hung down. If you don't feel a tension, sit down from a wall a little further.

3.  Sit down conveniently on a floor or on a chair, a back direct, a backbone will extend.  Clasp hands the head, having put palms on a nape. 
Hips are cramped, elbows are directed down to hips.  Start inclining slowly the head down, hiding a chin in clavicle dredging. 
You sit in this provision of 30 seconds, then take away hands and slowly raise the head.

4. This exercise can be carried out at any time and in any place. It helps to stretch lateral muscles of a neck well.
Get up directly, feet on width of shoulders, hands on each side. Get hands for a back at the level of a basin and clasp the left wrist the right hand.
Then slowly take away hands a little back and placing emphasis on the left hand.  For increase in a tension, incline the head to the right shoulder. 
Remain in such provision of 30 seconds and do the same on other party.


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