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Flat stomach

That your stomach was flat, it is necessary to carry out the following special exercises.

1.  To swing a press 
Cling feet to the battery or to the lower part of a sofa, a hand for the head and let's shake.  Highly it isn't necessary to lift the case.  Make so many time, how many you will be able, and then add on 2 times a day.  Till 40-50 times are good to reach, and then gradually to increase to 100. 

2.  To lift the case 
Other effective exercise for a press.  It is necessary to lay down on a bench or on a firm couch so that feet were on a floor (as though you sit).  Take the thick book, like the encyclopedia and, holding it at a breast, lift the case - for a start at least 15-20 times.  This exercise can be carried out and on a stool, having set up under a back another. 

3.  To twist a hoop 
If press strengthening first of all builds stomach muscles, a hoop - a way to a slender waist.  You twist 10-15 minutes, gradually leading up till 20-30 minutes.  Speak, the hoop with weighting or thorns is best of all, but it is possible to begin with the simple.  Here after all the main thing - to begin! 

Attention!  This exercise has a number of contraindications.  For example, it can't be carried out if you have a predisposition to omission of an internal.  It is necessary to consult with the doctor. 

4.  To raise knees 
Absolutely simple, but too effective exercise.  In a standing position serially raise the feet bent in knees.  Lifting of a foot needs to be done slowly, at the expense of press muscles and as it is possible above, then straighten a foot and as slowly lower. 
At first at you 2-3 times will turn out to make hardly it, but then business will go better.  It is desirable to finish number of liftings till 30-40 times for each foot. 

5.  Twisting 
Will be suitable for at whom the press is a little trained, but I got lost under a grease layer. Lying on a back, feet are bent in knees, to extend hands forward. Slightly raise a trunk, being as though twisted. Having reached tension in the field of a press, be late into the account "time - two" and fall. Begin at least with 5 repetitions. Till 20-25 times are enough to reach.


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