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How it is correct to use dumbbells?

Many people have dumbbell houses, but many don't know as by means of them it is possible to gain muscular weight and to bring the body into excellent sportswear.

Here the list of exercises with dumbbells at which performance of the house you in a month will be able to brag of a "new" body:

1. Bending of hands with dumbbells. This exercise in bodybuilding is analog of bendings of a bar with dumbbells and it will perfectly work your bicepses.

2.  Attacks with dumbbells.  This exercise is among the heavy exercises serving for study of a biceps of a hip and buttock muscles.  At everything thus it is very easy to carry out it houses with dumbbells.  Many champions by means of this movement built excellent muscles of a back surface of a hip. 

3. Press-ups the wide successful fellow on dumbbells. This exercise is full analog of a press lying bars which raises the lump of pectoral muscles, and also a back. And a press-up on dumbbells allow to complicate this task, thereby approaching growth of muscles. Performance its is absolutely similar to usual press-ups the wide successful fellow, but only hands are put on a dumbbell for a bigger extension of pectoral muscles.

4. Lifting of dumbbells over the head sitting. This exercise helps the athlete to increase deltoid muscles and to form them. Having included it in the daily house training, in some weeks you will notice effect which they will bring to you.

5. Deep knee-bends with dumbbells in hands. In general knee-bends in bodybuilding are considered as one of the heaviest exercises which builds not only the mass of feet, but also body lump. Carrying out this exercise of the house you strengthen feet and you will dump excess weight due to burning of calories.

6. The concentrated bendings of hands from dumbbells on a biceps. This exercise is used by all without exception bodybuilders for form giving to a biceps and therefore if you want that your biceps had an excellent relief, don't forget to include this exercise in the house trainings.

7. Lateral inclinations with dumbbells standing. Exercise which builds slanting muscles of a stomach and narrows a waist. Athletes dreaming of a narrow waist are recommended to carry out first of all.

There is also a set of other exercises with dumbbells, but listed above are the most effective when trainings in house conditions.


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