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Run - very useful occupation

Exercises in principle are useful. Run - not an exception. We will consider, what advantage is born to our organism by daily occupation by run.

1. Run raises possibilities of heart and vessels, there is a training directly the most cardiac muscle. It means that heart becomes stronger, stronger. And it inevitably affects its productivity.

2. Oxygen capacity of blood increases. The trained heart for one cycle banishes the much bigger volume of blood, than not trained. The blood-groove increased - the oxygen exchange increased also. To all fabrics and bodies more blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients arrives.

3. Excellent means of fight against a nervous tension. The stress and fatigue accumulate in an organism during the day products of disintegration is and there is a fatigue reason. To get rid of fatigue, it is necessary to sweat properly, and run perfectly copes with this task.

4. During long loading the special hormone jumps out blood - endorphin. This hormone still call "a happiness hormone". And not for nothing. When concentration of endorphin increases in blood, the person tests easy sense of euphoria. The depression disappears.

5. Intellectual activity increases. During jog often "by itself" the solution of any problem or a task comes. Blood during active training is plentifully sated with oxygen, the metabolism thereof, the central nervous system, so and a brain functions more actively raises.

6. Systematic occupations by run promote immunity increase, at the expense of increase in blood of erythrocytes and hemoglobin. In the course of running loadings cholesterol in blood decreases, the feeling of hunger decreases, the intestines motility improves. In total with metabolism improvement all this leads to body weight normalization.

7. It is possible to run at any time. So, in the mornings, when in blood the increased quantity of hormones, run will be natural means for a discharge that will help an organism to return to harmony. If to run after day of work — in the evening, it you will remove stress, you will relax, be recharged by energy, suppress excessive appetite and you will fall asleep a fine dream.

8. Researches of scientists show that there is a partial regeneration of tissue of a liver. There is a positive influence on kidneys: during run them it is unloaded that leads to their best functioning.

9. Regular running loadings also have positive impact on the musculoskeletal device. Similar trainings are especially useful to people of advanced age since they interfere with degenerate changes in joints and muscular fabrics.

Still ancient Greeks spoke - "If you want to be strong - run, you want to be beautiful - run, you want to be clever - run".


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