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To pump up a press in house conditions in a week?

This instruction for those who wants to pump up a beautiful press "cubes" in house conditions … giving only 10-20 minutes a day. 

That it is required to us: 
1)  Sofa; 
2)  Will power and desire; 
3)  10-20 minutes of time.

We sit down on the region of a sofa, hands it is rested against a sofa and we straighten feet before themselves (without concerning a floor) and we start bending feet to themselves and we straighten back and so 20 repetitions. 

We lay down on a floor (on a back), we rest the head in a sofa, hands we hold edge of a sofa and we start raising feet on 90 degrees to a floor … this exercise we repeat 20 times. 

Without changing situation, we raise feet from a floor and we carry out all known exercise the bicycle (feet on the weight and as though we twist pedals) … too 20 times.  Made?  It is possible and take rest, but it is short:  minute. 

Lying everything in the same situation we continue. Feet are bent in knees, and we try to reach as though a breast knees, carrying out shaking movements, to a breast and back on a floor, 20 movements!

We change situation.  Feet on a sofa, we lie on a floor on a back.  Together also we reach hands hands knees and back.  20 times. 

We lay down in situation (the STEP 5) on a back, a foot on a sofa, hands behind the head and serially that to the left that to the right we do twisting movements that the left (right) hand appeared as it is possible closer to the right (left) foot.  20 times. 

Then hand together before itself, without changing situation we do too most only now we get hands that for right, for the left foot, 20 times.

HERE actually and all that is required for receiving a press of the dream. 

First 20 times on each exercise not for all will be optimum, that is a bit too much, it is necessary to begin with the small. In the first day make 5-8, in the second - 10, in the third - 15, and make the schedule proceeding from the health as beginners will be hurt, most likely, by a press further, have a rest day. Then again forward according to your individual schedule! Surely alternate trainings and rest that there was a balance.


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