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Burdock and its surprising properties

In total 11 types of a burdock are.

Big it is difficult not to notice a burdock, it grows practically everywhere, being brightly distinguished from other plants with the big sizes and a set of pink flowers. This valuable herb which helps at many diseases.

Namely: at a metabolic disorder, diseases of a pancreas, a gall bladder, a liver, kidneys, promotes dissolution and removal of salts and stones, positively influences healing of wounds, works as anti-cancerogenic and the sudorific, promotes clarification of blood and removal of slags.

* Infusion of roots
1 teaspoon of the crushed root fill in with 0,5 liter of boiled water, insist night. Accept inside hot during the day at stones in kidneys and a bladder, gastritis and stomach ulcer, for blood clarification.

* the means accelerating growth of hair
To fill in 1 tablespoon of the crushed root with 2 glasses of water, to boil 30 minutes, to filter. In the evening before going to bed, every 2 day, within 3-4 months rub broth of a root of a burdock (it is possible with the same amount of broth of a root of an acorus) in head skin, and as result, hair become a thick, silkier, is more fluffy.

* at liver diseases, obesity and a metabolic disorder
To pass leaves of a burdock through a meat grinder and to squeeze out from them juice. To accept before food, on 1 tablespoon 1 week, then to make 1 week a break, and again to drink 1 week. During the season it is desirable to drink 1 liter of juice. Treatment is very effective and it is recommended to carry out it annually.

It is possible to preserve burdock juice alcohol and honey, or one honey. To store in the refrigerator. On 500 ml of juice - 150 ml of alcohol and 150 ml of liquid honey to mix, or to part with honey 1:1. To accept the adult on 1-2 tablespoons, 3 times a day before food.


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